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Will iMessage Say Delivered if Blocked?

Quick Answer

iMessage will not say “delivered” if the other user blocks you. Instead, you receive a “not delivered” error under your message.

Your messages may not deliver to another user for several reasons, including being blocked. This article looks at how you can determine whether another user blocked you and some alternative reasons you aren’t getting a response.

Does iMessage Say “Delivered” if You Are Blocked?

To nip this in the bud, it is important to point out that iMessage will not say that your message is delivered if the other user blocks your messages. Your messages will not make it all the way to their device, and Apple does not play games by showing the message as delivered.

Think of it as sending a physical letter to another person’s mailbox. If they decide to block your letter, it will never make its way into their mailbox, and it fails to deliver.

This is why your blocked messages end up with a “Not Delivered” error.

Reasons iMessage Said “Delivered” When Blocked

Instances, where the iMessage is perceived as “Delivered” when the account is blocked are usually misunderstandings. It is more likely that one of the following occurred:

  • The account was never blocked.
  • The message was sent before the account was blocked.
  • The other user unblocked at that exact moment.

Keep in mind that failed delivery errors do not always indicate the iMessage was blocked, and you should consider other options first.

Reasons iMessage Fails to Deliver

When your iMessage fails to deliver, you should receive a notification and an error status underneath your message. The report under the message states “not delivered.”

You can try resending the message to make sure it wasn’t a momentary error, but if the problem persists, consider these problems before you assume the other party blocked you.

Recipient Disabled iMessage on Their Device

Most people who use iMessage prefer to maintain read receipts and blue messages, but some choose to disable iMessage on their devices.

Ideally, the recipients would enable the feature to send or receive as SMS when iMessage is not available, but they may not have this turned on. Some users fail to activate this feature, or some devices are not hooked up to a texting plan needed to send and receive SMS.

In these cases, the iMessage you send will fail to deliver.

You can confirm this by having another friend with iMessage send a message to the same recipient. If their message goes through, there is more likely an issue with your device, or the recipient blocked you.

Network Issues

Keep in mind that iMessage needs a network connection to send messages back and forth. If either of you has network connectivity issues, the message can fail to deliver.

Try resending the message to ensure there was no hiccup, and then check other network-reliant tasks on your phone. If you have a steady connection, chances are they have network issues, or the recipient blocked your messages.

Do iMessages Turn Green When Blocked?

iMessages do not turn green when they are blocked. The only noticeable change is that the message throws up the “Not Delivered” error.

The only time iMessages turn green is when iMessage services are unavailable. This can be from a server error, but in most cases, the recipient just turned off their iMessage features.

If this is your first time contacting the individual and you do not know what type of device they have, there is a good chance they are messaging you from a non-iOS device. Green messages come from SMS messages you would receive from devices with other manufacturers.

Your text messages sent to green message recipients will say “Sent,” regardless of whether your number is blocked or not.

Will the Recipient Receive Blocked iMessages After Unblocking?

You must resend any message that fails to deliver, including blocked iMessages, for the recipient to get the message.

It does not matter how many messages are blocked, the nature of the messages, or how close to the blocked time you sent them. The messages must fall into the window of when the recipient is open to receiving your messages.

Once the messages fail to deliver, they will not try to send again until you instruct them to.

Keep in mind that there is always the possibility that the recipient unblocks you, and you will not know until they tell you or you find out your messages have been delivered.

Signs Someone Blocked You on iMessage

If you’re willing to call the other user, you can easily discover whether or not they have blocked you. If your call cannot go through, there is a good chance that they blocked you. Another possibility is that they have poor service.

You end up reaching their voicemail immediately if your calls are blocked or if your recipient has poor service.

When you combine this with other signs, such as the “Not Delivered” error, you’re creating a strong case that points toward the user blocking you. In many cases, the message sent prior to your blocked message will say “Delivered.”


  • Automated Responses: Automated responses may pop up if someone’s phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, but they do not indicate the other user has blocked you. If the automated message states that you have been blocked, it is drafted by the user to provide that illusion.
  • Green Messages: Green messages indicate that your message is sent as an SMS, usually when the other user has iMessage turned off.


The idea of someone blocking you on iMessage is not an easy one to come to terms with, but there are several other situations to consider before ending up at this one. Even if your messages are “Not Delivered,” this can indicate several other scenarios that do not involve blocking your account.

By trying some of the methods above or just waiting it out, you can confirm whether your iMessages are blocked and move forward from that knowledge.

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