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How Much Storage Is 128 GB?

How Much Storage Is 128 Gb

Gone are the days when storage devices were bulky and had lesser space. Technology has become so advanced that everyone has tons of personal data stored in modern-day’s sleek and compact storage devices. However, these devices come in different sizes, and if you have 128 GB storage in your device, would it be enough according to today’s standards?

Quick Answer

128 GB is not a whole lot of storage. This storage space will be more than enough for most people if we talk about smartphones. When it comes to PCs and laptops, 128 GB might not be sufficient.

Generally speaking, you can store more than 26,000 MP3 songs, 36,000 photos, and 20 to 25 full HD movies in a 128 GB device.

128 GB is a sufficient amount of storage for smaller devices. However, you will surely need more than 128 GB of storage for even a little intensive use for larger personal computers. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and learn exactly how much storage 128 GB is.

Defining 128 GB Storage

Before we can comprehend how much storage 128 GB is, we must know about the storage units. A gigabyte or GB is generally considered a large unit of storage consisting of 1024 MBs or megabytes. For a better understanding, a normal MP3 song usually takes up 5 MB of storage. 

So, for smaller files like MP3 songs and other text-based documents, even a gigabyte of storage would be enough. When we scale it up to 128 GB, we enter the territory where the user needs to store larger files like heavy applications or movies. 

Now you might fully understand how much 128 GB is, and you can also quantify it in your mind. Let’s move on to specific applications of this amount of storage.

128 GB for Smartphones

Smartphones are probably the most rapidly advancing piece of technology out there. Newer and more applications, features, and software are being developed at a very fast pace. That’s why smartphones require a lot of storage nowadays.

If we talk about an average user who installs typical social media applications, some light games, and other professional apps, 128 GB would be more than enough. You can easily stay below the 100 GB mark, and your smartphone will run smoothly without low storage warnings. 

However, it might be a different story for hardcore users or mobile gamers. Some famous mobile games like Genshin Impact and PUBG Mobile can easily occupy up to 20 GB of your phone’s storage. So, even a handful of high-end games would be enough to fill up those 128 GB.

128 GB for Laptops and PCs

When it comes to laptops and computers, the scenario is completely different. Only the very casual and light users would find 128 GB sufficient on their PCs. Otherwise, you will surely need to upgrade.

The reason is that computer applications are much larger when compared to smartphone apps. A simple game like Fortnite could easily take up well over 60 GB, and other video editing or designing applications are the same.

Most people also like downloading movies on their laptops and computers, so 128 GB is not the sweet spot for most users.

128 GB for Storage Devices

When it comes to storage devices, the scope of 128 GB of space varies here as well. This amount of storage is seen as more than sufficient for MicroSD cards usually used in smartphones.

If you’re using the SD card for cameras to store photos, you will also do fine with 128 GB. Talking about laptops and PCs, it again depends upon the usage. Many people attach additional external hard drives to their computers if they want to store large amounts of data or make a data backup. 

If you think that the original storage on your laptop is sufficient for your usage, then you should invest in an SSD. You will get less storage space, but the data transfer speed will increase ten folds.

However, you can also buy a slower hard drive with more storage for the same amount if your computer is going low on primary storage. So, 128 GB isn’t a small amount by any means; it depends upon your usage and preference.

The Bottom Line

For most Android and iOS smartphones, 128 GB is a sufficient amount of storage. You can download many apps, music, and even some movies on a handset with 128 GB. However, most laptop and PC users would find 128 GB less than optimum.

PC applications take up a huge amount of storage, so 128 GB would not be sufficient. In quantitative terms, 128 GB is a huge amount of storage. This storage capacity equals more than 36,000 images and 20+ hours of 1080p video recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lot of difference between 128 GB and 256 GB?

Yes, the jump from 128 GB to 256 GB is very noticeable. For smartphones, 256 GB is the premium spot where only a handful of people require more than this amount. Even for personal computers, 256 GB is a sufficient amount of storage.

Is a 128 GB SSD better than a 500 GB hard drive?

If we talk about the data transfer speed, then definitely the SSD is better. However, if you need more storage and transfer speed is not your priority, you should go for the 500 GB HDD, as the price would be almost the same for the two.

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