Controller & Gamepad Tester

Quickly check if your gamepad or controller is game ready
Warning! No controller detected.
Try pressing buttons or moving analogs on your gamepad or controller.
Controller detected!

Tutorial – Using The Gamepad / Controller Tester

You can begin testing your controller or gamepad by pressing a button or moving one of the analog sticks on your gamepad.

When you press a button or move an analog stick, the illustration above should light up or display the movement of your analog stick. When we detect movement or button presses, the “Controller Detected” message will show up with your controller’s name in it. If you have multiple controllers or gamepads connected, then please try them one by one.

Even though the illustration represents an Xbox controller, the test also works with other similar controllers.

If the illustration above doesn’t react to your button presses or analog stick movements accurately or at all, read the FAQ section below for potential issues and their solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions and solutions to common problems that we get about controllers and gamepads.

Why is my gamepad or controller not working?

Many factors could cause your controller or gamepad not to work:

  • You are using an out-of-date browser, which doesn’t support the Gamepad API yet
  • Your controller or gamepad isn’t connected to your computer
  • You are using out-of-date gamepad or controller drivers, you can use DriverBooster to automatically download and update drivers
  • Your gamepad or controller is broken, and you might want to get it fixed or replace it

How to connect Xbox controller to PC?

There are three ways to connect an Xbox controller to your PC:

  1. Using a USB cable
  2. Using Xbox’s Wireless Adapter
  3. Using Bluetooth

After connecting your controller to your PC, you should get a notification that the device is being set up. After the setup finishes, you will be able to test your controller on this website.

How to fix controller drift?

If your controller is giving inputs without you touching the analogs, then you are experiencing controller drift. There are two leading causes for controller drift: analog stick being dirty or the potentiometer is damaged.

We recommend that you try cleaning your controller first before getting it fixed or buying a new one. To clean your analog stick, gently wipe around the analog stick with a dry cloth or use a cotton swab. If there is some dirt that you cannot reach with the cotton swab, then try using pressurized air to dislodge it.