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Where Are Dell Computers Assembled?

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In its 38 years of existence, Dell has evolved from a company that makes and sells personal computers directly to customers to a multinational technology company that assembles, sells, supports, and repairs computers and other related products like servers, peripherals, smartphones, televisions, computer software, etc. 

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Dell computers are assembled in various manufacturing plants all over the world. Its manufacturing and assembly plants are located in Taiwan, Brazil, China, Ireland, the United States of America, India, Vietnam, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, etc.  

We believe we must enlighten you on Dell’s journey from PC builders and sellers to an international tech company that outsources the production of its computers. Afterward, we will shed more light on the companies that design Dell computer models and assemble their computers. Finally, we will explain where Dell laptops and personal computers are assembled worldwide.

History of Dell Computers

Dell started by building and selling customized personal computers directly to its customers, getting rid of the traditional retail market and offering high-quality PCs at good prices. 

Dell’s model of putting customers’ needs first was evident as they built their PCs based on customer requests and provided great customer support by sending their technicians to service their PCs while utilizing a policy of risk-free returns. This model was very successful as Dell soon became the largest seller of PCs in the United States in 1999

Who Assembles Dell Computers?

Ask any random person this question, and they will most likely respond with an obvious answer: Dell. However, while Dell is one of the largest sellers of computers in the world, its computers aren’t always designed and assembled by them. 

In the past decade, Dell has outsourced the assembly of its computers to other companies that design and assemble the computer under the Dell brand. Since these companies already specialize in designing new computer models and their final assembly, Dell believes that it makes more business sense to outsource the production of its computers to them.

After designing the models and assembling the computers, the finished product is sold as a Dell computer with the Dell logo. The companies that produce Dell laptops are Dell, Compal, Foxconn, and Wistron. These factories are located in many countries worldwide, including Brazil, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.  

How Dell Moved From Building PCs to Outsourcing PC Building

Dell’s business model was simple and unique. While other brands produced laptops in bulk and sold them through retailers, Dell built personal computers based on customer requests and sold them directly to customers online. 

By doing this, Dell only ordered components based on what it needed to build the computers that had been requested and never had components in its inventory for more than a few days. This customer satisfaction model worked wonders for a long time as Dell dominated the PC industry. The company had several assembly and manufacturing plants in the United States, Ireland, etc.

But there was a gradual change in its business model as Dell started shutting down its assembly and manufacturing plants, where it built desktop computers, in favor of outsourcing production to contract manufacturers. The company shut down one of its largest manufacturing plants in Limerick, Ireland, along with others in and around the United States. 

Many believe that the change in strategy is due to the decline in the market share of desktop computers in the computer market, as more buyers favor laptop computers. Additionally, Dell had become an international business with a lot of sales outside the US, so it made more sense to shut down the plants in the US in favor of those outside it, where the cost of production was lower.  

And because it had diversified its business from only PCs, Dell started selling its computers through retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, etc.

Where Are Dell Computers Assembled?

Dell has assembly plants in several locations worldwide, but most Dell computers are assembled in the following places. 

  1. China: A significant percentage of Dell computers are manufactured or assembled in China’s Compal, Wistron, or Dell factories. Dell’s laptop models produced in China include Latitude, Inspiron, Precision, Vostro, XPS, Alienware, Chromebook, etc.
  2. Brazil: Most of the computers produced by Dell in Brazil are sold in Brazil, while others are sold in countries in South America. The Dell factory in Brazil assembled the Vostro series laptops, among others.
  3. Taiwan: Compal assembles many Dell computers in Taoyuan, Taiwan
  4. Poland: Dell’s factory in Lodz, Poland, assembles desktops and laptops and is one of the top suppliers to Europe and Africa
  5. India: Dell has a factory in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, India, where it assembles desktops and laptops like Alienware series, Latitude, Inspiron, Precision, Vostro, etc.
  6. Mexico: Dell outsources the assembly of its computers to Foxconn in Mexico.
  7. Malaysia: Dell’s assembly factory is located in Penang, Malaysia

Other places where Dell computers are assembled include Ireland, the United States of America, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, etc.


Dell used to assemble its computers in the United States and supply them directly to its customers in the country. However, as it became a multinational company and diversified its business, more of its computer production has been moved abroad. Most of its computers are now assembled in China, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Vietnam, Poland, etc.  

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