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How To Change Logitech Mouse DPI

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Mouse DPI is also called mouse resolution or the sensitivity of the mouse. It refers to the number of pixels the cursor on your screen moves as you move your mouse every inch (dots per inch). If the DPI is high, the mouse can move over more pixels in no time. Similarly, the mouse moves over fewer pixels if the DPI is low. You can set this DPI to the range you’d like, but how do you change Logitech mouse DPI?

Quick Answer

Select your mouse on the screen, and then select the “Sensitivity (DPI)” icon. Slowly drag the slider to your desired range of DPI and leave it there.

For Windows, search for the mouse in the Settings search bar and select “Additional mouse options”. Select “Pointer Options”; under “Motion”, drag the slider to the pointer speed you want.

For Mac PCs, select System Preferences, then select the mouse and drag the slider

If you are not comfortable with the speed your Logitech mouse is moving, then we recommend changing it. Even if you are using it with a G Hub device, you can adjust it. This article will teach you more about how to go about changing the Logitech DPI on different devices. 

Steps To Change Logitech Mouse DPI 

Changing the DPI of your Logitech mouse is very easy. But you need to know that the DPI for a gaming mouse is different from that of a non-gaming mouse. You can change your DPI settings on either G HUB, Windows, or Mac. Below are the ways to change your DPI.

Method #1: Changing Your DPI on the G HUB

Your G HUB might be one of the best things you need to have to catch all the fun when it comes to gaming. But when the DPI is not as precise as you want it to be, you may not get more out of your gaming session. Fortunately, you can recalibrate it. Changing the DPI on the G HUB is easy. 

Here are steps on how to change the DPI on the G HUB.

  1. Select your mouse on the Display Screen.
  2. Select the Sensitivity Icon (DPI).
  3. Place the cursor on the slider, hold the slider, and drag it to your desired DPI
Keep in Mind

Not all Logitech mouse versions are supported on the G HUB. The Logitech G502 Lightspeed, Logitech G Pro Wireless, Logitech G203 Prodigy, and Logitech G203 LightSync are supported on G HUB.

Method #2: Changing Your DPI on Windows 

Unlike in G HUB (gaming hub), where you are allowed to have a numerical DPI, in Windows, you are not allowed to set a numerical DPI. Windows have a numerical DPI option; just follow the next few steps to change the DPI. 

Here are steps on how to change the DPI on Windows.

  1. Browse or search for the “Mouse” option.
  2. Select “Additional mouse options”.
  3. Select “Pointer options”.
  4. With the cursor, hold and drag the slider to your desired DPI.

Method #3: Changing Your DPI on Mac

Macs do not have a numerical DPI option, so it differs from Windows. All three steps look similar, but they are not the same though they give the same result. Therefore, follow the short steps below to change your DPI on Macs. 

Here’s how to change your DPI on Macs.

  1. Select System Preferences.
  2. Select “Mouse”.
  3. With the cursor, hold and drag the slider to your desired DPI.


The Logitech mouse DPI (dots per inch) can easily be changed using a few short steps. Select your mouse, select the sensitivity icon and then drag the slider to the desired speed of DPI you want. Please don’t forget that you need to be sure if you are using a gaming or non-gaming mouse. The task you want to use it for will determine the DPI you want to set it to be. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is higher DPI better than normal DPI?

The value of the DPI depends on the user and the task the user is using it for. If the user desires to enjoy sharp reflexes in a game, then increasing the DPI is a better choice. But if the user prefers having slow movement and precise aim in a game, then a more suitable choice is the low DPI. 

What is the normal or default DPI value on the mouse?

The normal value of a DPI lies in the range of 800 to 1200. Setting the DPI value too low will cause your mouse to move slowly, and setting it too high will cause the mouse to move very fast. 

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