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Apple Watch Contacts

What Is My Apple Watch Phone Number?

Are you confused about the phone number of your Apple Watch and want to learn more about it? Don’t fret; knowing your Apple Watch phone number is a pretty straightforward …

Exercise With Apple Watch

What Is Mixed Cardio on Apple Watch?

There are over 20 Apple Watch home workouts: strength training, indoor cycling, swimming, running, gymnastics, high-intensity interval training, core training, dance, yoga, pilates, and more. This article will explain the …

Apple Watch Heart Rate

How To Enable HealthKit on Apple Watch

Apple has stepped up its game with the help of the Apple Watch. It may seem that Apple Watch only tracks your steps and calories burned, but it’s much more …

Apple Watch Cellular

How To Tell if Apple Watch Has Cellular

Apple Watches come with cellular and GPS support. To check if your Apple Watch has cellular support, you must know your Apple Watch model number. You can easily find your …

Steps On Apple Watch

How To Add Steps to Apple Watch

The Apple Watch functions way beyond an ordinary watch. One of the numerous features of this smart device is that you can also use it as a simple step tracker …

How To Put Sim Card In Apple Watch 1

How To Put SIM Card in Apple Watch

A SIM card in your Apple Watch can provide a cellular connection, allowing you to receive notifications, reply to messages, answer calls, and much more, even when you don’t have …

Smart Watch

How To Charge a Smart Watch

The battery life of smartwatches can last from a few hours to some weeks at max. Eventually, you’ll need to recharge the tiny Lithium-ion batteries present inside. However, there are …

Apple Watch Series 5

How To Use Apple Watch As Magic Band

An Apple Watch can do a lot for you, from tracking your sleep and fitness levels to being your iPhone when the phone is away. It truly is a magnificent …

Time On Fitbit

How To Change Time on Fitbit Without App

We’ve all experienced technological frustrations when even the simplest of instructions fail to work for us. Instead of letting it get under your skin, check out our simple how-to guide …