How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use?

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Over the last two decades, the laptop world has completely changed. We got laptops like the Acer Predator 21X, our power-hungry gaming beasts. While on the other hand, we got devices like MacBook Air that are so power-efficient that it makes you question, how? Knowing how many watts your laptop charger requires to work optimally is also a crucial part of your laptop experience.

Quick Answer

A laptop charger consumes different watts depending on your device. An average charger may vary from 40 watts to 150 watts, depending on your laptop’s demands. Gaming laptop chargers usually tend to take more watts and have heftier charger sizes, while notebooks like the MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 have chargers that can be used to charge smartphones these days.

You can learn how many watts a laptop charger requires by simply putting in its volts and current requirements. However, to do that, you need to find them out in the first place. This guide will help you go through all the necessary steps to find your laptop wattage in no time. So without further ado, let’s keep going and focus on how many watts a laptop charger uses.

Method #1: Checking your Charger’s Power Brick 

The easiest way to check your laptop charger’s wattage is to take its power brick and look for the wattage. To find the wattage section on your power brick, try looking for a “W” symbol on your brick. The number right next to the “W” symbol will be your charger’s wattage.

However, if you can’t find your laptop charger’s wattage on your power brick, don’t worry. It is not uncommon for companies to miss out on the wattage section on their laptop charger, but there is no need to worry as there are other ways to find out your laptop’s wattage.

Method #2: Calculating your Laptop Wattage

Checking your laptop’s wattage will require you to get your calculator out and do some maths. Traditionally, most laptops show you their voltage and current consumption rather than their wattage. Therefore, if you need to find out the wattage on your laptop, you need to do some maths. With that said, you can figure out your laptop’s voltage by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to your laptop’s Power Brick.
  2. On your Power Brick’s sticker, look for “Output.”
  3. Note down both your voltage and current.
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If you have a charger that does not have any label, there is no need to worry. To find out your laptop’s voltage and current, you need to go through its user manual. You can find the voltage section in the manual’s power section.

Multiplying Volts and Amperes 

Now that you can identify your laptop’s voltage and current requirements, you need to find out its wattage. To find out your laptop’s wattage, there is a straightforward formula you need to imply:

Watts = Volts * Amperes 

To help you better understand the method, we will demonstrate an example. If a laptop voltage is 19.5 Volts and the current output is 3.34 A, the answer will be 65.13 Watts which roughly translates to 65 Watts. Now do the same thing for your laptop charger, and you will be good to go.


Be wary of using high wattage chargers with devices that don’t require much power. High wattage chargers can generate a lot of heat and damage your device and power socket.

Method #3: Visiting the Official Website

If you cannot find your laptop’s voltage or don’t want to calculate its wattage, you can find your charger’s wattage by visiting its official website. Almost every chargers website contains information regarding their products’ wattage consumption.

However, if you can’t seem to find your laptop’s wattage, try finding your laptop’s wattage on different tech forums. Before you go and start going through these forums, remember to be careful as there is a lot of false information on these forums.


Finding your laptop’s charger wattage is significant as it can save you from getting your laptop fried. However, finding your laptop’s wattage can be a hassle as most companies don’t put the charger’s wattage on the brick. But, there is no need to worry as this guide will help you calculate your laptop’s wattage in no time.

Once you are done going through this guide, you won’t only be able to calculate your laptop charger’s wattage but also other devices’ wattage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is 60W enough to charge a laptop?

For most laptops, a 60 Watt charger is enough. However, if you are using a gaming laptop with high-end specs, a 60 Watt charger won’t be enough. Therefore, before buying yourself a charger check out your laptop’s wattage requirements.

Can I use a 65w charger instead of 90w?

You can use the same charger for different laptops until the voltage is different. But do keep in mind that if the charger you are using doesn’t fulfill your laptop’s requirements, your laptop will start drawing energy from your battery. Therefore, it is not ideal to use a 65 w charger instead of a 90 w one.

Can you damage a laptop by using the wrong power supply?

Yes! It would be best if you didn’t charge a laptop with a charger that has a different voltage reading from your laptop. This is because a higher voltage can end up permanently damaging your laptop. However, if the power supply has a higher current value but the same voltage, you can get away with using that power supply.

Do Dell laptops all use the same charger?

No, all Dell laptops do not use the same charger. However, some of them can use the same charger, but it entirely depends on the laptop’s requirement rather than the charger’s company. So, if you are planning to use the same charger for your device, try looking up your laptop’s voltage requirement beforehand.

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