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How to Reset Ubee Router (Step-by-Step Guide)

Resetting Ubee Router

Ubee represents an efficient internet solution, but it has its own complications. Whether the configurations have been set incorrectly, you’ve forgotten your password, there’s limited access to the router, or you’re faced with any other problem, resetting the router to its default factory settings may resolve the issue.

However, resetting your Ubee router will alter some settings, including the router user credentials, Wi-Fi user credentials, firewall settings, any configuration changes you’ve made to the router, DNS and ISP IP addresses, and any port forwards you’ve established.

Now you’re probably wondering how to reset Ubee router?

This is exactly what we’ll look into, but before that, it’s important to understand some common reasons leading to Ubee router issues.

Reasons Behind Ubee Router Issues

In our experience, there are only a handful of reasons why your Ubee router might be experiencing issues. Below we will outline the 4 most common reasons, and how you can go about troubleshooting them.

Faulty Device

If your device has a bad or outdated wireless adapter, router issues are inevitable. Updating the drivers or changing the device should help. Resetting the router won’t likely solve the problem.

Blocked Wi-Fi Signals

If you’ve positioned your Wi-Fi router next to a frequently used microwave or an aquarium, or at the corner of the room, chances are its signals are getting interrupted. Metal objects, electronic devices and even thick walls can block or weaken the router’s signals.

IP Conflict

Another common cause for router issues is an IP address conflict in your home network. In this case, you’ll need to reset and renew the IP/TCP stack.

ISP Server Maintenance

At times, ISPs are doing maintenance on certain servers, which is why your internet may not work at all. It’s rather a total internet access blackout rather than simple Wi-Fi issue.

Now that you know why an Ubee router usually fails, let’s find out how to reset it.

Method #1: Using the Reset Button

There’s no better fix than using the “reset” button if are facing issues accessing the internet or you’ve forgotten the username and/or password of your Ubee router. Depending on the model of your Ubee router, there should be a small hole somewhere at the back of the router (see the image below).

Reset Button Hole On A Router

The reset button is typically inside the hole, so you need a small sharp object or paperclip to press it and hold it for around 10 seconds. After you let of the button, the power light will blink a few times. When the light becomes solid, it’s an indication that you’ve done the reset.

Method #2: Through the Admin Interface of Your Ubee Router

When you have access to the network, have your admin username and password, and also know the IP address of your router, you can use the admin interface of your Ubee router to reset it.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Launch a web browser and go to your router’s IP address (by default it is
  2. Enter your username and password (by default it is user / user) in the login interface and click “Login”.
  3. Select the “Status” field on the Ubee admin dashboard.
  4. On the left of the screen, the last section should be “User Default”. Select it.
  5. You should be redirected to the Factory Default Interface. On the part labeled “Reset the System”, choose “yes”. Within a few seconds, the reset process should be complete.

Method #3: The 30-30-30 Reset

This technique is similar to or rather an extension of the first method. Like in the “reset button” method, you find the reset button but press and hold it for 30 seconds. While still holding the reset button, unplug the Ubee router. Keep it unplugged for another 30 seconds. Your Ubee router should now be reset.


By now, you should have understood how to reset Ubee router. One of the aforementioned methods should help you resolve different types of router issues. In case the problem persists despite you having reset your router, you’re either dealing with a broken router or there might be some underlying issue with your internet network.

In the former scenario, you can buy a new router or get your broken one repaired, while in the latter case, you’ll need to get in touch with your internet provider.

Let us know in the comments, if were able to successfully reset your Ubee router.

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