How To Fix Dead Pixels on iPhone

How To Fix Dead Pixels On Iphone 1

Dealing with a dead or stuck pixel on your iPhone does not happen regularly. So, when it happens, the sad reality of thinking of buying a new iPhone can be really disheartening. However, all hope is not lost. So, how do you fix a dead pixel? 

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, on an iPhone, you cannot fix dead pixels. However, if the pixel is stuck, you can try to fix it using software, applying gentle pressure, or using low heat

If the pixel of your iPhone is dead, the only way to fix it is to get a screen replacement. So, if the dead pixel size is insignificant, you can keep enjoying your iPhone. Keep reading this guide to learn more about how to fix dead pixels on an iPhone. 

Different Ways of Fixing Stuck Pixels on an iPhone 

Before we get into the procedure to fix dead pixels on your iPhone, what causes it in the first place? When the pixel on your iPhone is stuck or dead, the transistor element at the back of the TFT field failed. Most of the time, this is caused by manufacturing defects. Other times, it could be caused by particles of dust getting in the wrong place. 

You can tell if the pixel is stuck or dead based on the color of the pixel. If the pixel is brightly colored (e.g., white or green), it is most likely dead, and fixing it means getting a screen replacement. But if the pixel on your iPhone screen is black, it means it is stuck, and you can easily fix it using any of the methods below. 

Method #1: Using JScreenFix 

Several third-party apps can be downloaded on your iPhone to help fix stuck pixels. However, JScreenFix is easy to use and free. When you download this app, you don’t need to do anything as the app uses HTML5 JavaScript to fix the issue. With this software, you should be able to fix most screen types, such as LCD and OLED, for your mobile and tablet Apple devices. 

Here’s how to use software to fix a stuck pixel.

  1. Download the JScreenFix on your iPhone and launch it. 
  2. Tap on the black window, and a square box will appear with flashing pixels. 
  3. Move the pixel fixer to the area where the pixel is stuck and let it sit for 10 minutes
  4. Within 10 minutes, the JScreenFix algorithm will take care of the dead pixel and fix it; then, you can reboot your iPhone and enjoy. 

Method #2: Using Pressure 

Another way you can fix a stuck pixel on your iPhone is to try to physically remove it. This method is most effective when the issue is caused by dirt or debris. If you use this method, take extra care to avoid breaking your iPhone screen. For this method, you will need a piece of lint cloth and a pencil eraser

Here’s how to use pressure to fix a dead pixel on an iPhone.

  1. Take the lint cloth and wrap it over a pencil eraser
  2. Use the end of the wrapped pencil to gently apply pressure over the defective area. 
  3. Push on the defective areas though you are trying to remove the dirt or debris from your screen through the closest edge. 
  4. Be careful not to press too hard so as not to damage your iPhone screen further. 

Method #3: Using Heat 

You can also use heat to fix the issue of stuck pixels. This method is particularly helpful when you have a liquid crystal screen. So, if areas of your screen are not properly filled with liquid crystal flow, it can result in pixel issues. However, if you are going to use this method, be extremely careful not to use too high temperates, which can further damage your screen. 

Here’s how to use heat to fix a dead pixel on an iPhone.

  1. Boil some water and dip a lint cloth in the water. 
  2. Use a glove so as not to burn your hands; you have to pick the cloth, place it in a plastic bag, and seal it. 
  3. Use the plastic bag to massage the area of your iPhone screen that is defective. 
Quick Info

A standard iPhone has over 3 million individual picture elements, while its larger screen version has over 6 million lighting units. So, it is normal for a couple of pixels to act out over time. 


When dealing with pixel errors on your iPhone, always take note of the type. A stuck pixel is easier to fix than a dead pixel. In most cases, a dead pixel will require you to change the whole screen. But if you don’t want to change the whole screen and keep repair costs low, you can use either one of the methods elaborated on in this guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a dead pixel on an iPhone spread? 

A dead pixel does not spread. However, in some rare cases, they do spread. This happened not because the first dead pixel influences the next dead pixel but because the other location is affected the same way the first pixel was. When you notice the ratio of dead pixels on your iPhone increases, you should take your iPhone to a specialist to check it. 

Why can’t I fix a dead pixel? 

You can’t fix a dead pixel because of the complexity of the nature of the screen. So, unless you can be as precise as a computer and have a very large magnifying glass, there is no point trying to fix it. The methods explained above only work because the pixel is stuck, and with some luck, you may be able to unstick it. Otherwise, the pixel is pretty much as good as a dead pixel. 

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