How Many Amps To Charge iPhone?

Charging Iphone

iPhone has been a revelation to smartphone users. Each year, Apple sells billions of units of it. And there is a good reason for it. With a fluent user interface, upscaled security, and performance, Apple iPhones’ user base increases yearly. 

Apart from these, the iPhone contains a lithium-ion battery, providing longer battery life. But for that, you need to have a good charger compatible with Apple’s specifications. 

Quick Answer

Usually, Apple manufactures chargers with 18, 30, and 61-watt chargers. Moreover, the iPhones generally take up to 1 ampere of electricity irrespective of available current. 

We will go through all the technicalities of charging your iPhone and take an insight into the charging options for the iPhone. So, if you are wondering about the ideal charger scenarios, you have arrived at the proper palace. Read on to know in detail.

How To Select the Right Charger for an iPhone

Charging an iPhone means resupplying the battery. You connect the adapter to a power source like a wall socket to charge your iPhone. Afterward, the adapter takes the current and transfers it to your iPhone via the USB cable. Battery power is measured in watt-hour

Here, you need to know that the adapter finally decides the amount of power (in volts) the iPhone will take and the current rate (in amperes). These two factors are crucial and are responsible for finally determining the adapter’s power. 

So, while getting a new adapter, you check the voltage and ampere supported instead of the power (watt-hour).

What Are the Ideal Specs for iPhone Chargers?

Old iPhones could charge at a current of 1 A at 5 V. However, the modern iPhone has a higher capability. They can take up to 2.4 A current at 5 V.

Quick Note

iPhone must charge at 1-2.4 amps, given the current voltage.

iPhone Quick Charge

As mentioned earlier, Apple provides adapters of 5 W with the capability of charging your iPhones through 5 V at 1-2.1 A

Currently, there is no fast charging option for iPhones. However, the iPad adapters are of 12 W that can charge at 2.4 amps with 5 V

So, as you can notice, the iPad can trust at a higher current rate. So, technically this is the best option for quickly charging your iPhones.

Tips To Fast Charge Your iPhone

Although there is no fast charging support for iPhones yet, there are some things that we can try. Below are some essential tricks and tips to speed up the charging process.

Enable Airplane Mode

If your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data are on, it will consume the battery and slow the charging process. Please turn it off and notice the change yourself.

Let It Sleep

A sleeping phone charges faster than an active one. After connecting a charger, leave it untouched to speed up charging.

Turn It Off Completely

Several background functions keep running even if you put your phone to sleep. So, turning it off will save the remaining battery and allow the battery to charge more quickly.

Wrapping Up

Before spending money, you must know your adapter’s charging needs and capabilities. Earlier iPhone versions may benefit from the latest chargers due to their high amps (i.e., 2.1 A). But, the latest iPhones require up to 2.4 amps to charge precisely. Also, if you opt for different charger brands, check the voltage and amps capability beforehand. Remember, an incompatible charger can harm your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2.4 amp charger OK for iPhones?

Yes. Your iPhone will use the minimum amount required. Ideally, it is a 2.4 amp that is acceptable for iPhones. But, if you think of using a power source of ~45 amps or higher, it doesn’t matter.

Can I charge my iPhone at 3 amps?

The iPhone charger charges your iPhone at variable speeds. Up to 80%, it will charge your iPhone fast. After that, it will reduce the current to 100%. 

Is 2.4 amps fast charging?

No. Fast charging extends the voltage to 9V, 12V, etc., and the ampere to more than 3A. In Apple adapters, both in iPhone and iPad, the highest voltage is 5V, and the rate of current accepted is 2.4 amps. So, technically, 2.4 amps are not fast charging.

Is a 2.4 amp charger OK for an iPad?

Apple iPad chargers contain adapters with 2.4 amps of current handling capability, which is suitable for an iPad. The higher amount of amp, the faster the charging speed in iPads. However, if you use an old iPhone charger with 1 amp to charge your iPad, it will take a significant time (4-5 hours) to charge the iPad entirely.

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