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How To Fix Orange Light on the Router

Orange Light On Router

Using a router for your business or personal use is an excellent way to share a single internet connection between multiple devices. Depending on the model of router you use, sometimes you may see an orange light. This orange light can indicate a couple of things. So, how can you turn off the orange light on your router? 

Quick Answer

To fix the issue of the orange light on your router, try moving the router around to establish a better connection to the network. If the issue persists, try resetting the router or updating the firmware. Rebooting the router can also help fix the problem. 

Most routers come with two lights; green or blue and orange. These lights can indicate different things, depending on the model of your router. However, this article will enlighten you on what to do when the orange light on your router is on. Let’s proceed.

Different Ways To Fix the Orange Light on Your Router 

Generally, something is wrong when the orange light on your router is on. Sometimes, you may see a constant orange light on your router. Other times, it will be blinking. Whichever the case may be, there is a quick method you can try to fix this issue. 

When the orange light of your router is on, it could either be that your router is not connected to the internet or there is a software error. There are many ways you can fix this issue. Here are four troubleshoots you can try by yourself before seeking professional help if the problem persists. 

Method #1: Re-establish Connection Between Modem and Router  

One of the possible reasons the orange light appears on your router is because of a network problem. If your ISP is experiencing any downtime, perhaps due to maintenance on the network, you will experience no internet connection, causing the orange light to blink. 

Here’s how to fix the orange light on a router by re-establishing a connection between modem and router.

  1. If your ISP has a dedicated app, check if there is an alert of an outage
  2. If there is downtime, wait for it to be fixed. You can use websites such as DownDetector to check if the other users are experiencing similar issues in your area. If there is no downtime, try re-establishing the connection between the modem and router by disconnecting and reconnecting it. 
  3. If the problem persists, check the modem internet setting and ensure it is correct.    

Method #2: Reboot the Router  

The orange light on your router might be on because of a simple software error. Rebooting the router may fix this issue. By rebooting the router, you will clear up all its cache memory which will fix any software error it may have. 

Here’s how to fix the orange light on a router by rebooting.

  1. Power down the router.
  2. Disconnect the cable from the router.
  3. Connect the router back after some time.
  4. Allow it some time to boot up and check the lights as it does.

Method #3: Update Firmware

If you have been avoiding upgrading your router’s firmware for a while now, it might be time to bring out the bigger gun by updating it. Some router models push the firmware upgrade automatically, but if yours doesn’t update automatically, you can do it manually. 

Here’s how to fix the orange light on a router by updating firmware.

  1. Go to your router’s settings.
  2. Navigate to “Maintenance“, “System“, or “Administration“.
  3. Click “Firmware” and search for an update. 
  4. Download the updated firmware.
  5. Install the firmware after the download is complete (your device may reboot a few times, but it is fine).

Method #4: Reset Router  

Finally, if all troubleshooting fails as a last resort, you should reset your router to the default setting. Note that this method will erase all your custom settings such as (port forwarding settings, Wi-Fi Name and password, and so on). 

Here’s how to fix the orange light on a router by resetting the router.

  1. Keep the router plugged, then locate the reset button (often at the back of the router).
  2. Hold down the button for about 30 seconds with a paperclip.
  3. Release the button and wait for the router to power back on. 
Keep in Mind

There is a lack of standardization in the designing process of routers, so the lights on routers differ and indicate different things. So, what the orange light may mean on one router may differ from what it means on another.


In summary, if the orange light on your router is on, there is no need to panic. The issue is easily fixable. However, don’t hesitate to take your router to a professional technician for inspection if the problem persists after you’ve tried the solutions highlighted in this article.

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