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How To Reset Logitech Mouse

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Your Logitech mouse faces glitches, and you cannot use it properly. In most cases, resetting the connection will take care of temporary issues. So how can you reset a Logitech Mouse?

Quick Answer

In most Logitech mice, you will find a reset switch. Otherwise, you can even reset the software or power cycle manually more simplified manner. Some even go old school and remove the battery from the mouse to disconnect the power completely. Replacing the battery will also get the job done. If the mouse has a USB connection, you can reset the connection by re-pairing the device.

Check out the ways to reset the Logitech mouse here.

How To Reset Logitech Mouse

If any component like power source, battery, USB port, or software of your Logitech mouse face glitches, it may refuse to work.

Here is a step-by-step guide to ways you can troubleshoot your Logitech mouse and get it working again.


While in most cases, these methods work, in case of hardware damage, you may have to replace the mouse entirely. But let us see how we can salvage it first.

Method #1: Reset Your Logitech Mouse Using the Reset Button Located at the Base

Your computer may not recognize your mouse for some reason. A quick reset is all you need.

To reset your Logitech mouse, you should:

  1. Check if the power is switched on for the mouse by turning it over and checking. Your computer must be switched on as well.
  2. Make sure to securely plug the mouse’s receiver into the USB port of your computer. Push it with your fingers if it is loose.
  3. Press down the oval-shaped button on the bottom of the mouse for at least four seconds. This will reset the mouse.
  4. Move the mouse around and test the cursor. Do this by releasing the mouse button.
  5. The mouse is now reset and has started working correctly.

Method #2: Reset by Removing the Battery

If there is no reset button for your mouse, this method will work. Please remove the battery from your mouse to completely disconnect it. You can even add a fresh battery instead of reinserting the former one. After reinstalling a new battery, test the mouse again.

Method #3: Reset by Changing the USB Port

Sometimes, the problem lies not in the mouse but in the USB port itself. In such cases, the mouse will not function properly. So if the port has gone bad, think of changing it and plug the mouse in a new USB port. This should hopefully solve the issue.

You can even try unpairing your mouse. Then reset the connection by pairing again. This restores the functionality and clears the connection.

Method #4: Reset by Uninstalling the Software and Resetting the Whole System

Sometimes if nothing else works, it is better to reset the whole system. In this case, uninstall the Mouse software and clear everything out. Next, do a fresh install to reset the entire system fully. A fresh start will restore the mouse to normal operations.


Your Logitech mouse may start acting up one day. And if that is the case, it becomes vital to reset it. Initially, you can use the reset button or disconnect the mouse from the power source or computer to reset it. The issue may also be related to the USB port used to plug in the mouse. So change ports to test and see if the problem is resolved. Once that is done, try reinstalling the software. Clear out the entire system too. If that fails, it may be a hardware issue and need you to replace the mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your Logitech mouse blink red sometimes?

A Logitech wireless mouse uses either rechargeable battery packs or AA batteries. When you see the red lights on a Logitech wireless mouse flash red, it signals that its power is running low. So you must either recharge or replace it.

How can I fix my Logitech wireless mouse?

You can try various fixes for these, reinstall the mouse driver, and remove the receiver and battery for 5 seconds. Try to update the mouse driver or even change the USB port. Finally, try replacing the batteries or testing the receiver on another computer.

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