What Does “Unlocked iPad” Mean?

Unlocked Ipad

We all have heard the term “unlocked iPad”, but we barely know the actual meaning of it. You might have discovered this term while speaking to a sales representative. An Apple sales representative always asks this mandatory question: Do you want to go with an unlocked or locked iPad? You might be aware of a locked iPad, but not about an unlocked iPad. 

Quick Answer

An unlocked iPad is an iPad that isn’t tied to any SIM carrier, and you can use any carrier of your choice on your iPad. You get the freedom to switch between different SIM carriers without any restrictions.

We have created a detailed guide covering everything you should know about the term unlocked iPad. This article has answered multiple questions, like the benefits of an unlocked iPad, the difference between a locked iPad and an unlocked iPad, etc.

Explaining “Unlocked iPad”

The unlocked iPad is relatively similar to the unlocked iPhone. An unlocked iPad is an iPad that isn’t tied to any SIM carrier or network. You get the option to choose any SIM carrier of your choice without being into a contract. 

You can use any SIM carrier as per your needs and fits. Besides this, you can also change the carrier whenever you want. This is because you aren’t bound to any contract with the carrier provider. Unlocked iPads are also known as Wi-Fi + Cellular unlocked iPads

The unlocked iPad comes with Wi-Fi and cellular data support to access the online internet and effectively utilize your iPad. One of the main drawbacks of an unlocked iPad is that you can’t make calls, even if you have voice plans. The primary reason is that the iPad doesn’t have built-in calling functionality

You can only make calls using FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, etc. These days, most iPads are unlocked by default, and you can use any SIM carrier without restrictions. One of the primary benefits of the unlocked iPad is that it comes with zero carrier locks, which makes it preferable to a locked iPad. Due to the flexibility options, many prefer buying an unlocked iPad over a locked one.

You can purchase an unlocked iPad from PC World, Argos, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, AT&T, and more. Additionally, Apple also deals in unlocked iPads and iPhones. We always suggest going with Apple if it’s your first time buying an unlocked iPad. 

What Are the Benefits of an Unlocked iPad?

There are several benefits of an unlocked iPad. Here, we list some of the best benefits of an unlocked iPad. 

  • You can use any SIM carrier of your choice. 
  • You are allowed to switch from one carrier to another with no penalty
  • You aren’t bound to any legal contract with the service provider.
  • Resale values of unlocked iPads are higher than those of locked iPads. 
  • You can easily access the internet with built-in Wi-Fi and cellular data.
  • You can use an international SIM carrier while traveling to different countries. 

What Is the Difference Between a Locked and Unlocked iPad?

The difference between a locked and unlocked iPad is pretty straightforward. Unlocked iPads come with zero carrier contracts. On the other hand, a locked iPad is bound to carrier contracts. In the case of locked iPads, you can’t switch your carrier until the contract ends. Unlocked iPads let you insert a SIM card of any company without paying any penalty. 

As the locked iPads are tied to SIM carrier contracts, you will have to pay some penalty if you break the contract. Of course, the amount of penalty varies from contract to contract. Else, there is no significant difference between a locked and unlocked iPad. 

How To Check if Your iPad Is Unlocked or Locked

Most iPads come with Wi-Fi + cellular network support. There are only a few cases when you find an iPad locked. There is a way to check whether your iPad is unlocked or locked. 

Here’s how you can check if your iPad is unlocked or locked.

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Head to “Cellular or Mobile Data” settings. 

If you find the “Cellular Data Network” option, it means your iPad is unlocked. Otherwise, not.

Final Words

Unlocked iPhone is one of the common yet confusing terms. This is why it is essential to learn enough about unlocked iPads. To sum up, unlocked iPads are iPads that aren’t bound to any SIM carrier and contract. You get the freedom to choose your own SIM carrier. We hope you must have now understood what an unlocked iPad means. 

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