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What Is a DPI Switch Button on a Mouse?


Making a computer run smoothly and setting it up will take some time. This also applies to your mouse settings. You can change the mouse settings with a single click through the DPI button with some mice. DPI stands for dots per inch, which computers and devices use to measure resolution. The DPI represents how your computer measures physical distance

Quick Answer

A DPI switch button is located on a mouse. This button is responsible for the control of the speed of the DPI of a mouse. With the help of the DPI switch button, you can change the speed of the mouse or pointer to either low or high, depending on your needs or preferences. 

You will have default settings allowing you to have daily tasks on your mouse after purchasing it. Just by clicking, you can change your DPI from low to high. Move the mouse an inch to the right if you are using a mouse that the DPI is low. The high DPI will make the pointer move faster despite the distance being covered not changing.

This article will enlighten you on the DPI switch button on a mouse. 

What Exactly Is a DPI Switch Button?

According to your needs and preferences, the DPI button is there to help you change your DPI. It eases the stress of going through lengthy procedures to change your mouse pointer speed. You might be using a mouse with single or multiple DPI depending on the model, but all of them have the same functions. 

The DPI is multiplied by your operating system when using a modern high resolution. This means the pointer moves faster if the mouse is moved. If all you do is surf the internet or use your mouse for casual processes, you can change your DPI to a high one because a slight movement of your mouse can send the pointer through a wide monitor. Photoshop requires a lower DPI to have total control and enjoy precision. 

How Is the DPI Button Used?

As we have said above, this button on a mouse called the DPI switch button helps you change your mouse’s low or high DPI depending on what you need. So how are these buttons used?

  1. Download the software your mouse supports. This software will detect your mouse automatically.
  2. After your mouse has been detected, a mouse icon will appear on your screen; click on it. 
  3. After clicking the icon, the screen will display a 3D plan view of your mouse. With this, you can see which button has what you want. The entire switch may sometimes carry the whole DPI button.
  4. You get the option of disabling your DPI button by clicking on it. On your mouse, this method will help you change the DPI button.

How Do You Determine the DPI of a Mouse?

You can use an online tool called Mouse Sensitivity to check the DPI of your mouse. This tool might prompt you to move your mouse for a given distance before giving you the mouse DPI. This tool also has a calculator that converts the DPI settings from one game to another, especially when you need to transfer games but want them to have the same precision. 

How Is the DPI Button Changed on My Mouse?

It will be a great help if you know how to change the DPI of your mouse to fit your preferences and needs. You can use many methods to change the DPI, but we will be focusing on the DPI on-the-fly option or the mouse settings. 

How To Change Mouse DPI Using the DPI On-the-Fly Option

Your mouse might have the DPI on-the-fly button, and this button makes the changing of DPI fast. These few steps will show you how to change the DPI using this option.

  1. On your mouse, locate the on-the-fly DPI switch. It’s mostly found at the bottom side or the top of the mouse.
  2. Slide or press the mouse after you have located the switch. This will change the mouse DPI. 
  3. A notification will pop up on your monitor showing that the DPI has been changed, and the new DPI will be displayed.
Quick Tip

You can install the mouse DPI software for your mouse. This will ease the stress of checking, changing, or resolving any issue regarding your DPI button.


The cursor or pointer on the screen is controlled with the help of a mouse DPI switch button. When the DPI is high, the pointer moves for a long distance with little mouse movement. If the DPI is low, the cursor moves for a smaller distance when the mouse is moved. You can calibrate the DPI to your needs or preferences using the DPI switch button, as we have established above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the DPI switch button is not working?

A mouse can malfunction with a connection problem like every other device. You can disconnect the mouse and connect again to see if it will resolve the problem of the DPI switch button not working. You can also try connecting the mouse to another computer close by to see if it will work properly.

When a mouse has a high DPI, is it good or bad?

A mouse with a high DPI helps your mouse respond and detect smaller movements, making the mouse point out things in a more accurate way. A high DPI can also cause the cursor to fly over the screen with the smallest movement, which can be frustrating.

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