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What Is the Size of the PS5 Box?

Ps5 Box

Have you ever wondered about the size of PlayStation 5’s packaging and how essential it is to keep the packaging intact? Whether you’re preparing for storage space for the box or are merely curious, we will answer all questions related to this topic.

Quick Answer

The dimensions of the official packaging box containing a PS5 console are as follows: 17 inches high (43 cm), 18.5 inches wide (47 cm), and 7 inches deep (18 cm). It weighs about 14 lbs and 8 oz (6.7 kg).

The rest of this article will explain the box’s contents and how the size of this box compares to other consoles.

Why Is the Box So Big?

The box for this console is so immense because the PS5 is the most sizable console ever made in the history of video games. The console itself is 15 inches in height (39 cm) and 4.09 inches in width (10.4 cm), filling a large part of the box it is packaged in. 

It also houses the accessories that come with the console.

Why Is the PS5 So Big?

In a quote from Vice President of UX Design Matt MacLaurin

“It all comes down to one thing: thermals. The PS5 has flashy new technology, but it generates a significant amount of heat. We, therefore, had to design a system that has sufficient room to allow this heat to dissipate.”

The PS5 is the biggest console ever made, and it requires more equipment internally to work correctly. 

How Does This Box Compare to the Boxes for PS4 and Xbox?

The box for a PS4 is 14.9 inches high (38 cm), 18.5 inches wide (47 cm), and 4.9 inches deep (12 cm), making the newer console look huge by comparison. The Xbox Series X console is smaller, measuring only 11.5 inches high (30 cm), 15 inches wide (38 cm), and 8.5 inches deep (22 cm). 

Both Sony consoles make the Xbox console look a bit smaller. When placed side by side, the PS5 and PS4 are distinctly different in size, with the Xbox being only a little bit shorter visually. The Xbox Series X is the smallest out of all of these, in height and width, with its purely rectangular, boxy shape. 

The PS5 is taller than the PS4 mainly due to the new and sleeker look of the new Sony console. It has a thick black line through the center of the length, and both sides of the console are white, flowing into pointed “wings” that flare outwards at the top of the console. 

Every Sony console has a boxy feel, and this generation looks much sleeker and unique than its counterparts.

What’s in the Box?

Inside, you’ll find the following.

  • Wireless PS5 DualSense controller for navigation.
  • Power cable.
  • HDMI 2.1 cable for TV connection.
  • User’s manual.
  • USB-C cord for charging the controller.
  • Stand.

These things are essential to use your new PS5, with other accessories sold separately.

The console comes with one DualSense controller, so if you want to play a game with a friend, you need to either have them bring their controller or provide them with a spare. 

There will also be either a digital or regular disc version of the console. The only difference between the two is a bit of width since one of them has a disc drive while the other does not.

Should the Box Be Thrown Out?

No, the box should be kept around to be used as storage for the console if it ever needs to be moved. If you move residences, it will be safer in the box you bought the PS5 in so that it won’t get damaged or jostled around in transport. 

It’s also good to keep the original packaging if you want to sell that item. Most buyers prefer the original packaging to confirm the product is in good condition. If the box is thrown out, buyers might have difficulty transporting the console.

You can keep the box in storage until you need it or wherever you store the boxes of all your new tech.

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