How Much Is My Laptop Worth?

Laptop Worth

The price you buy a laptop is often not the same when you want to sell it. You must consider several factors when you want to resell your laptop or are just curious about its current worth. So, how can you tell how much your laptop is currently worth? 

Quick Answer

To know how much your laptop is currently worth, you can search on an e-commerce website for a used laptop similar to yours. When you find it, compare the price it is being sold for to get an average of its worth. 

While you can get the value of your laptop currently selling online, yours might sell a little bit higher or lower depending on a few factors. This article explains more about how to determine the worth of your laptop. 

What Influences the Value of a Laptop?

The value of a laptop varies among each other. This difference is not because of the sentimental value the laptop has to you but because of several factors like the specs, condition, etc. Below we elaborate on some factors that influence a laptop’s worth. 

Factor #1: Brand 

One of the first things to look out for when trying to estimate the value of your laptop is the brand. The brand of your laptop will largely affect its market value. For example, an Apple laptop will have a higher reselling value than an HP laptop with similar specifications. This is because different brands spend differently on advertisement and marketing, greatly influencing how consumers view their brand. 

As such, some consumers place more preference on brand than they do on the laptop’s specification. So, if you own a high-demand brand laptop, that can help increase your laptop’s worth when you try to resell it. 

Factor #2: Specs 

Another thing you should consider when trying to place a value on your laptop is its specifications. While there are many parts on a laptop, one can narrow down the specifications to the most important ones to define its worth. For example, you should consider the type of CPU on your computer. 

Consider things like the number of cores, the clock frequency, and so on of the CPU. You can also check the RAM and storage. DDR4 or DDR5 RAM is more expensive, and the higher the RAM, the more valuable it will be. Also, as for its storage, SSD is more valuable than HDD, and the more storage, the more value it has. The GPU is another spec to consider if the laptop has a strong battery. 

Factor #3: Age 

It would be best if you also considered the age of the laptop when trying to place a value on it. The laptop’s age can be anything from the age of manufacturing to how long you have owned the laptop. 

Generally, the older the laptop, the less value the laptop will have. This is because newer models of laptops are more powerful and faster than their predecessors. So, unless a buyer wants to buy the laptop for sentimental value, hardly anyone would pay a considerable sum for an old laptop. 

Factor #4: Damage 

Finally, it would be best to consider whether the laptop has any defects. Laptops in good condition tend to have a much higher value than those with faults or visible dents.

It would help if you asked yourself questions like: is every component on the laptop functioning, are there any dents or scratches on the laptop, and so on? 

How To Know the Value of Your Laptop

While the factors we enumerated above help you determine your laptop’s worth, there is another way you can tell the value of your laptop. Below we look at three places you can compare the prices of your laptop. 

Place #1: E-commerce Websites 

Several e-commerce websites deal with selling both brand new, refurbished, and used laptops. These websites are great places to search for your laptop and make a price comparison. You can also check users’ reviews on the laptop, which will help you better gauge your laptop’s worth. Some e-commerce websites you can visit to make a price comparison include eBay, Amazon, and so on. 

Place #2: Online Calculator 

Another way to estimate your laptop’s worth is to use an online calculator. An online calculator is a great way to estimate your laptop’s current price by considering its type, specifications, condition, and current market asking price

Using an online calculator to estimate the value of your laptop is helpful as it ensures you have the right expectation from your laptop. You can use online calculators to determine your laptop’s price, including Gadgetsalvation, SellYourLaptop, etc. 

Place #3: Local Laptop Retailers 

You can also take your laptop to a local retail shop to get an estimate of it. This option is ideal if you don’t want to sell your laptop online. Taking your laptop to a local retailer’s shop might be the best way to get the most accurate price for your laptop in your current location. Another advantage of estimating your laptop’s worth at a local retail shop is that if you agree to sell it, you may even get a discount if you buy a new laptop from them. 

Keep in Mind

Note that even if there is a defect with your laptop, it does not mean you wouldn’t be able to sell the laptop if you want. You could even sell your laptop if it is so defective that it no longer turns on. Several buyers online are looking to buy the functioning parts of broken laptops.


Whatever your reason for wanting to know your laptop’s worth, it is pretty easy to do. Remember that the best way to determine the value of your laptop is to consider the specification and condition of the laptop. However, if you decide to sell your laptop, ensure that you know the actual worth so you don’t overprice the laptop or undersell it.  

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