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How To Change MSI Keyboard Color

Someone Typing On An Msi Keyboard Having A Red Lightning

Most of us gaming enthusiasts like to tinker with our PC configurations. We are always trying to upgrade its configuration to the latest specifications or do other cosmetic changes. Many of you might have even thought about how to change the color of your MSI keyboard!

Quick Answer

MSI gives fantastic keyboards for a superb gaming experience. You can easily change the keyboard backlight color using the embedded software and drivers. The software you use to change the backlight is based on the manufacturer of the keyboard—Steelseries Engine 3 in this case. You can easily access this software from the Start Menu and tweak it to change your MSI keyboard’s color.

You can also use specific keyboard shortcuts to change the MSI keyboard color. Let us see the different methods in detail.

How to Change MSI Keyboard Color?

To change the MSI keyboard color, you need to use the function keys of your keyboard or use a software called SteelSeries Engine 3.

Below are the details of how to change your MSI keyboard color:

Method #1: Change Keyboard Color Using the Function Keys

To add custom colors in the system setup, i.e., BIOS cycle of your PC, you need to press Fn + C keys to see the available backlight colors. The colors – blue, red, green, and white are active by default. This lets you change the color of your keyboard backlight.

Method #2: Change Keyboard Color Using the Steelseries Engine 3 Software

Your laptop is usually shipped out with pre-installed software and drivers for all embedded devices. So you can easily find the Steelseries Engine 3 software in the start menu. For all other keyboards, look for the software name based on the keyboard manufacturer’s name. Here are the steps to change keyboard color using this software.

  1. Click on “Start Menu” and find the software Steelseries Engine 3.
  2. Open the “Steelseries Engine 3” and wait till the homepage opens.
  3. Here, choose the Keyboard option “MSI Per-Key RGB.”
  4. Next, a picture of the standard and default lighting config is shown. In the bottom-left, click on the “Config button.
  5. The “Configurations” window opens up on the right side.
  6. You can easily choose a “Default Configuration” of your choice from this list and finish it.
  7. But, here, you will make your configuration.
  8. Start by clicking on the “New” button you will find at the bottom of that page.        
  9. Enter your name for the “New Config.” Specify the apps to make the auto-launch of the config happen.
  10. Now, click the option “Save” button.
  11. You can now modify keyboard lights based on your preferences. Here are the things you will see:
    • Select: Choose each zone or individual key.
    • Magic Wand: Choose all the keys and zones that share similar effects.
    • Group Select: Choose many keys or zones at once.
    • Paint Bucket: Helps to paint an impact on a zone or key.
    • Effect Picker: Selects and chooses an effect using the selected site or critical.
    • Paintbrush: Paints an effect onto a key or area.
    • Eraser: Removes an impact from a zone or key.
  12. Once you are done, on the bottom left corner, use the “Save” key.


Those who want to change the color of their MSI keyboard can do so using two ways. They can directly use the keyboard shortcut using the function keys. Or else they can change the color of their keyboard keys by using the Steelseries Engine 2 software. They can either use the preset configurations or carry out the above steps to create a new configuration. They can use the new configuration instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What app can change your virtual keyboard color?

Gboard allows users to set color themes or picture schemes as the keyboard’s theme. This helps you read it better, and you can be as expressive and creative as you want. It works efficiently for both iPhones as well as Android devices.

How do I adjust my keyboard backlight color brightness?

You can adjust the keyboard’s backlight color brightness by using the FN and the ‘+’ or the ‘-‘ key. This will increase or decrease the brightness of your keyboard backlight.

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