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How To Change the Mouse DPI to 800

How To Change The Mouse Dpi To 800

Your mouse’s DPI is essentially a measure of how sensitive it is. A low DPI is ideal for tasks that demand precision, such as drawing using a mouse, while a higher DPI is the better option when you need faster movement, such as in games. Most mice come with a native DPI of 800, and most pro gamers also set their mouse to DPI. If your DPI value is something else, don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to change. 

Quick Answer

There are two ways to change mouse DPI to 800. For Windows, go to “Devices” in Settings, find “Additional mouse options”, and change the motion slider in “Pointer” options. For Mac, open System Preferences, click “Mouse”, and change the slider under “Tracking Speed”. Alternatively, you can use the DPI changer button or slider that most manufacturers include in a top-tier, advanced mouse. 

Before you change your DPI, it’s essential to know what it means, what your current DPI is, and the benefits of changing the DPI to 800. We cover all that and more in this article.

What Is DPI?

Dots per inch or DPI is essentially a measure of a mouse’s sensitivity. A higher DPI means a more sensitive mouse, which means that your cursor will move farther for every inch that you move your mouse.

Your mouse’s DPI directly affects its performance; the higher the DPI, the quicker the cursor on the screen will move. But there’s no one best value for the DPI; you can change it to as high or as low as you like. 

Gamers usually change their mouse DPI to have better aiming and shooting control. It also makes it easy to aim and increases precision. 

How To Change Mouse DPI to 800

You can change the mouse DPI on both Windows and Mac. You can also use the DPI changer button if it’s present on your mouse. We discuss all these methods in detail below. But before doing anything, you first need to check your mouse’s current DPI. 

Step #1: Check Current DPI

Here are two easy ways to check your mouse’s DPI.

Method #1: See Manufacturer’s Specifications

Manufacturers usually provide all the details about their products on their site. This includes the native DPI, too. So just go ahead and search for your model on the manufacturer’s website, and you’ll find the DPI. 

Method #2: Using Microsoft Paint

This method is slightly long and complex, but if you can’t find your mouse model online, you can try it out. The pointer in Paint indicates the pixel movement, so to find the DPI, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to Start and open Paint.
  2. Once the blank Paint window opens up, move the pointer to the left until you see 0 in the window’s footer.    
  3. Starting from this 0 position, make three 2-3 inch-long lines and note the first value you see in the footer (in place of the 0). 
  4. Take out the average of the three values. The resulting value is your mouse’s DPI. 

Before following these steps, ensure the screen’s zoom is 100%

Step #2: Change the DPI to 800

Here are two ways you can change DPI to 800.

Method #1: Using Your Device’s Settings

On your Windows device, do the following steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to “Devices”> “Mouse” from the list of options on the left. This will open up the Mouse screen.
  3. Under “Related Settings”, you’ll find “Additional mouse options”. Click that to open up a pop-up for “Mouse Properties”.
  4. Click the tab that says “Pointer Options”.
  5. Under “Select a pointer speed”, you’ll see a slider for adjusting the DPI. To increase the DPI, slide it to the right.
  6. Once you’re done changing, click “Apply” and close the pop-up. 

On your Mac, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. From the menu, select “Mouse”.
  3. You’ll see a few options and sliders on the next screen. The one you want to change to increase the mouse DPI is the “Tracking Speed” slider. Once you find the correct position, close the window to save your settings.

Method #2: Using the Mouse’s DPI Change Button

Most manufacturers include a button under the rotation wheel to allow users to change the DPI. So if you have the DPI change button on your mouse, you must press it to change it. 


You now know how to change mouse DPI to 800. The process is straightforward, especially if you already have the DPI change button on your mouse. Once you take the DPI up to 800, you’ll enjoy several benefits, such as better aim in games and increased mouse precision!

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