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How To Connect PS4 to Chromebook


If you are a gamer and use PS4, you will eventually face the issue of the console screen not working. In such cases, it gets essential to know how to connect it with other displays and devices to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Quick Answer

Connecting PS4 to Chromebook with an HDMI or charging cable using the Remote Play App is possible. You also need to pair the console controller via the Bluetooth option in Chromebook.

In this write-up, you will find everything you need to know about why you want to make the connection between your PS4 and Chromebook successful. We’ll also show you step-by-step instructions for connecting the two devices in detail. 

Why Connect PS4 to Chromebook?

There can be a couple of reasons that compel you to connect your PlayStation 4 to a Chromebook. Some of them are:

  • You don’t have a monitor/LCD screen.
  • The PS4 Screen is not working.
  • You want to improve your gaming experience with better sound and screen quality.
  • You want to experiment with new display screens.

Connecting PS4 to Chromebook

You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast or some expert to be able to connect PlayStation to Chromebook. Our step-to-step guide will help you go through the entire process of creating a wired or wireless connection between the two devices.

So, without keeping you waiting any longer, let us move towards the two methods to connect PS4 to Chromebook.

Method #1: Using HDMI Cable

You need to follow a few steps to connect PS4 and Chromebook using an HDMI Cable.

Step #1: Get All Gadgets Ready

The first thing to do is gather all the hardware and services to connect both devices successfully. These are a PlayStation 4, Chromebook, reliable internet connection, and a dual-functioning HDMI cable.

Step #2: Connect HDMI Cable

Next, connect your PS4 and Chromebook with the dual-functioning HDMI cable. Ensure to connect the input side of the cable with the display device for audio/video channel accessibility.

Step #3: Download Remote Play App

Download the Remote Play app on your Chromebook. Next, create your account or log in to the existing one.

Step #4: Connect Your Controller

To start playing PS4 on your Chromebook screen, pair the controller to the Remote Play app via Bluetooth. Switch on the “Bluetooth” option on the Chromebook so that it can start looking for the controller. Next, hold the “Share” button on the controller until you see a flashing PS logo.


Ensure that both PlayStation and the display device are connected to the same internet connection.

Method #2: Using Charging Cable

You can also connect the two devices without an HDMI cable in the following way. 

Step #1: Connect Charging Cable

Use the Chromebook charging cable and connect the two devices. Also, make sure that both PS4 and Chromebook are connected to the same internet network. 

Step #2: Install the Remote Play App

Install the Remote Play app on your Chromebook from Google Play Store and pair the controller with the app. 

Step #3: Register Yourself Manually

You need a code. Go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Remote Play” and select “Add a device”. Once your PS4 is detected, a code will appear. Put in the code and register yourself.

Step #4: Configure Resolution

On the Chromebook, head back to “Settings” > “Apps” and sign in to the Remote Play app. Afterward, adjust the resolution, screen, and sound settings according to your preference. 

Step #5: Launch PS4 on Chromebook

After configuring settings, you will see a “Start” sign. Click on it.

Using Remote Play APK

You can use the File Manager app on Chromebook to connect PS4 with it. To do this, follow the next steps in a sequence.  


Before proceeding, connect the two devices with a charging or HDMI cable.

Step #1: Download File Manager

The first thing you are supposed to do is download the File Manager app on your Chromebook from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Install Remote Play APK

Now, download the File installer APK file for the Chromebook PS4 Remote Play and install it via the File Manager app. The installation may take a bit longer, so be patient.

Step #3: Connect PS4 Controller

Next, go to the Bluetooth Settings of your Chromebook and pair the PS4 controller through File Manager. 

Now, Pair the PS4 controller to the app via Bluetooth Settings on Chromebook for a successful connection.

What is the PS4 Remote Play App?

The PS4 Remote Play is a useful application for console lovers. It allows users to play PlayStation on any screen via a stable internet connection. The gamers will see their game running on a second screen using some control codes through the app.

Moreover, you can also control your PS4 through the connected device, like making calls by using the mic. You can even write text messages on the console after connecting a keyboard. All in all, it is a fantastic app for gaming enthusiasts.


In this guide on connecting PS4 to Chromebook, we have explored some common reasons for connecting both devices and discussed easy-to-follow steps to build the connection without any hassle. We’ve also discussed the two methods to connect the console to Chromebook and add the Remote Play APK file.  

Hopefully, one of the methods in this guide worked for you, and you can now enjoy your favorite games on the Chromebook screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Chromebook a Windows laptop?

No, Chromebook is not Windows. Windows is not compatible with it as it works with a Linux-based Operating System. Its features vary significantly from a MacBook or laptop. Chromebook is compatible with most gaming consoles. 

What games can be played on Chromebook using a PS4 controller?

Several games can be played on a Chromebook using PlayStation 4 controller. These include Riptide GP2; Riptide GP: Renegade; Modern Combat 5; NBA Jam; Shadowgun, Borderlands 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4, and Rocket League.

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