How To Find Toshiba Laptop Model

Toshiba Satellite L640 Laptop

Toshiba is a leading laptop brand that has been around for several decades. Your Toshiba laptop can be one of the thousands of Toshiba models available. If you’re trying to get a fair resale price or find compatible parts for a Toshiba laptop, tracking down the exact Toshiba model can seem impossible.

Quick Answer

Luckily, finding your Toshiba laptop model is pretty simple if you have the correct information. To find your Toshiba laptop model, look inside the battery compartment or on the laptop’s underside. You will find a sticker that contains numbers and letters. The first number is the model number, and the other is the serial number. Use this information to see further details like age and part numbers on the Toshiba website.

As earlier mentioned, Toshiba laptops have been around for years. This means that model identification information may not always be available. If you struggle to find your Toshiba laptop model, this article will tell you exactly where to look.

Overview of Finding Toshiba Laptop Model

Learning your Toshiba laptop model is essential to getting the best part upgrades, reviewing compatible software, and getting the best deal on the resale of a laptop. You also don’t need a concrete reason to know your Toshiba laptop model; it can be simply part of the laptop ownership journey.

The first thing to know about finding your Toshiba laptop model is model numbers consist of letters and numbers and may also include a serial name. Model numbers identify an entire specific lineup of Toshiba laptops. In your Toshiba laptop model search, you’ll find laptops with similar or slightly varying model names.

You’ll also find asset or service tags when looking for your laptop model. Please note that these tags are not unique to your laptop. The only number that is unique to your laptop is the serial number. It’s also essential to note that they serve different purposes t even though the serial and model numbers are similes. 

Next, we’ll dive into different methods you can use to find the exact model of your Toshiba laptop.

Finding Toshiba Laptop Model: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to find your Toshiba laptop model, make sure you follow the steps mentioned below:

Method #1: Check the Laptop

Toshiba laptops have their serial and model numbers inscribed or printed on them at the factory. Sometimes, you’ll find the serial and model number on a sticker tag at the back of the computer or inside the battery compartment.

To find the sticker with your laptop’s model data:

  1. Overturn the laptop.
  2. On the backside, mainly on the top-left side, you’ll see a black and white sticker with numbers on it.
  3. The first is the model number, and the other is the serial number.
  4. Use the model number to learn the specific name of your Toshiba laptop through the Toshiba website and product literature.
  5. The serial number identifies the specific Toshiba laptop.

If you don’t see a black and white sticker, look for laser-etched numbers on the case. Laser-etched numbers are harder to spot because they are the same color as the case, but if you look carefully, you’ll see them.

After finding the laser-etched numbers, you’ll notice three different numbers. The first is your Toshiba laptop’s model number described by the Toshiba website product literature. Next is the product number explaining support options for your laptop, and finally, the serial number. 

Method #2: Using Toshiba Product Information Utility

If your Toshiba laptop’s sticker tag has worn off or you can’t see the laser-etched numbers, you can use the Toshiba Product Information Utility to know your laptop model. To use this application, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Toshiba’s official website.
  2. Scroll To the FAQs page.
  3. Look For a Toshiba Product Information Utilitylink and click on it.
  4. You’ll be prompted to save the program on your laptop.
  5. After saving it, go to the “Downloads” page on your laptop.
  6. Double-click on the program to run it.
  7. The program will display the laptop model and serial number.


As you’ve learned from this article, you can find your Toshiba laptop model with a few simple steps. The easiest method is to check the backside or battery compartment for a sticker with the laptop model information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find my Toshiba laptop’s serial number without the sticker?

If your laptop doesn’t have the information sticker, look for laser-etched numbers on the back case or download the ‘Toshiba Product Information Utility’ to your laptop to find out the serial number.

Can I find out how old my Toshiba laptop is?

To learn the age of your Toshiba laptop, overturn the laptop. Look for a sticker with build information, a serial number, and the manufacturing date on the backside.

What is the use of a laptop serial number?

A serial number helps identify your specific machine like a fingerprint identifies a person. Instead of a number that identifies a whole range of laptops, a serial number identifies a particular device at a time.

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