How To Figure Out Someone’s iPhone Passcode

Iphone Passcode

Are you considering unlocking a friend’s iPhone and putting an ugly image as their wallpaper to prank them? Unfortunately, cracking your friend’s iPhone passcode is nearly impossible.

Quick Answer

To figure out someone’s iPhone passcode, borrow their phone and tell them you’re going to open it without their passcode. Open Calculator, ask them to enter a random number, and multiply it with their passcode. Take the phone and press 1 followed by = to accomplish the task.

To make things easier, we took the time to write a comprehensive step-by-step guide on figuring out someone’s iPhone passcode. We will also discuss bypassing a secondhand or an old iPhone passcode.

Can I Figure Out Someone’s iPhone Passcode?

No matter how much of a genius you might be, breaking into someone’s Apple iPhone is impossible.

As a brand, Apple is renowned for its guarded privacy and security. They value their users’ privacy to the point where they claim that iPhone passcodes are something that even Apple cannot crack.

You can only figure out someone’s passcode if they’ve told you their password.

Figuring Out Someone’s iPhone Passcode 

If you’re struggling with figuring out someone’s iPhone passcode, our step-by-step method will help make this task easier by playing a trick on your friends.

  1. Borrow your friend’s phone and tell them you’ll decipher their passcode.
  2. Open Calculator, ask your friend to enter a random number, and multiply it with their passcode.
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  3. Once you have their phone in your hand, pretend you’ve got their passcode.
  4. In the Calculator app, tap 1 followed by =.

Your friend’s password will reveal itself, and now you can unlock their phone with the passcode to surprise them!

Bypassing iPhone Passcodes

If you’ve just gotten a secondhand iPhone or trying to unlock your old iPhone, our 6 step-by-step methods can easily help you bypass the passcode.

Method #1: Using Wrong Passcode Attempts

You can bypass an iPhone passcode using the wrong attempts if you know the Apple ID password with the following steps.

  1. Enter random passcode combinations.
  2. Repeat until you’re out of passcode attempts.
  3. Tap “Erase iPhone”.
  4. Enter the Apple ID passcode.
  5. Once the iPhone is erased, set it up with the on-screen instructions.

Method #2: Using iTunes

To bypass an iPhone Passcode using iTunes, use the following steps.

Step #1: Activating Recovery Mode

Long press the lock and volume up buttons simultaneously and drag the power button towards the right to power off the iPhone. 

Plug in the phone to a laptop/PC, and press and release the volume up and volume down buttons separately. Hold the lock button until the “Recovery Mode” screen appears.

Image 479

Step #2: Restoring the iPhone

You will see an iTunes pop-up with the words, “There is a problem with the iPhone ‘your iPhone name’ that requires it to be updated or restored”. Next, tap “Restore” to bypass the iPhone passcode! 

Image 480

Step #3: Setting Up the iPhone

Once the passcode has been removed, you can set up your iPhone with the on-screen instructions! 

Image 481

Method #3: Using the Find My App

If a locked iPhone is synced with your Apple ID, you can also use the Find My app to bypass the passcode with the following steps.

  1. On another Apple device, open Find My.
  2. Tap “Devices”.
  3. Select the locked iPhone.
  4. Tap “Erase This Device”.
    Image 482
  5. Select “Erase This Device” again to confirm the action!

Method #4: Using Siri

On iOS 10.1 or earlier by using Siri with the following steps.

  1. Activate Siri by long pressing the Home button. 
  2. Repeat the words “Hey Siri, set a reminder!”
  3. Open “Reminders” by selecting the newly added reminder.
    Image 96
  4. Press the “Home” button to bypass a locked iPhone.

Method #5: Using the Joyoshare Software

It is possible to bypass an iPhone passcode by using the Joyoshare Software in the following way.

  1. Install Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker on your laptop/PC.
  2. Plug your iPhone into the laptop/PC; once it has been recognized, click “Start”.
  3. Put the iPhone into “Recovery Mode”, click “Next”, and select the correct iPhone details.
    Image 483
  4. Click “Done” to download the firmware package.
  5. To unzip the firmware package on your iPhone, press the lock button.
  6. Your passcode should now be bypassed!

Method #6: Using the EaseUS Mobi Unlock Software

Another way to bypass an unlocked iPhone is using the EaseUS Mobi Unlock software with these steps.

  1. On your laptop/PC and download the EaseUS Mobi Unlock software.
  2. Plug your iPhone into the laptop/PC, launch EaseUS Mobi Unlock, and select “Unlock Screen Passcode”.
  3. Click “Start”, choose “Next”, and enter your “System Version”.
  4. Select “Next” to download the firmware package, and click “Unlock Now”.
  5. Enter the on-screen numbers to confirm the action and select “Unlock Now”.
  6. Once the process is complete, select “OK” and set up your iPhone. 
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In this guide, we’ve discussed how to figure out someone’s iPhone passcode. We have also discussed bypassing a secondhand or an old iPhone passcode.

Hopefully, your question is answered, and you can now successfully impress your friend by playing a trick on them to figure out their passcode.

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