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How To Record on Lenovo Laptop

How To Record On Lenovo Laptop 1

Lenovo laptops are one of the most popularly used laptops in the world. About one in every ten people have or has used a Lenovo laptop. The ThinkPad and IdeaPad are the most popular Lenovo models. But can the Lenovo laptop screen record? Well, of course, you can screen record with a Lenovo laptop. Hence, the question is, how do you screen record on a Lenovo laptop?

Quick Answer

There are two ways you can screen record on a Lenovo laptop. You can either use the Windows Game Bar for free or a third-party app to record the screen of your Lenovo laptop.   

Regardless of the method you want to go for, they are pretty straightforward, and you will get the desired results. These methods work not only on Lenovo laptops but also on most laptops running Windows 10 or 11. Keep reading to learn more about recording with a Lenovo laptop. 

How To Screen Record on a Lenovo Laptop

There are a couple of ways you can get into the game bar screen record on a Lenovo laptop. On the Lenovo Ideapad, swiping down from the top of the screen will give you access to the notification panel, where you can access the screen recording button. 

You must use the shortcut key on other Lenovo laptops like the ThinkPad to get to the Lenovo screen recording. Irrespective of the Lenovo laptop you use, we elaborate on the two methods you can always use to screen record on it. 

Method #1: Using the Game Bar

When you want to screen record on a Lenovo laptop, the first method that should cross your mind should be using the Windows game bar. The reason is simple; you do not need to download any special app to use the Windows game bar; it is free. 

However, the truth is that using the Windows game bar to screen record is pretty basic, as it does not have any special features. So, if you want to do more than just record your screen; you want the video to be interactive where you can include a bunch of things, then you should settle for a third-party app. 

Here’s how to use the Windows game bar to record on a Lenovo laptop: 

  1. Begin by opening the app or content you want to screen record 
  2. Press and hold “Windows + Alt + G,” and the Game Bar dialogue will pop up on your screen. 
  3. If this is your first time using the screen record, select the “Yes This is a Game” checkbox to proceed. 
  4. To start the recording, you can either select the record button in the Game bar dialog or simply press and hold the “Windows + Alt + R” keys. 
  5. To stop recording, you can either select the stop recording button in the Game bar dialog or simply press and hold the “Windows + Alt + R” keys again. 

Using the Windows game bar to record your screen on a Lenovo laptop, you have to deal with its flaws, such as the inability to screen record in certain programs like File manager or desktop. It mainly works when you are operating an app from the Windows Store. 

Method #2: Using a Third-Party App

Fortunately, you can use several third-party apps to screen record on a Lenovo laptop. Each app comes with a different feature that makes it stand out from others. Also, most screen recording apps are free to download and use, while a small fraction of them give premium service and require a purchase or subscription for full access.  


The ShareX app comes with a host of key features such as adding a watermark, capturing your screen with annotation, including GIF while screen recording, and so much more.

Here’s how to use ShareX to record on a Lenovo laptop: 

  1. Go to ShareX’s official website to download the app. 
  2. Once the download is complete, open it and follow the installation prompt. 
  3. Launch the software, and under the option “After Capture Task,” disable upload images to the host.   
  4. To record anything, you need to download the FFmpeg.exe file, go to “Task Settings” in the app, select “Screen Recorder,” and then select the option “Screen Recording Options,” and then download the file.
  5. To start recording on your Lenovo laptop, press “Shift + PrtSc” to start, and to stop, press the same “Shift + PrtSc.” 


The easiest method to record on a Lenovo screen remains the Game bar method. But because this built-in feature is not the most flexible screen recorder in the industry, many seek to use third-party screen recorders like ShareX. So, feel free to use anyone that is most convenient for you. 

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