How To Turn Off Blind Mode on Android

Blind Mode

Blind Mode or Talkback is an Android feature that enables screen reading. The other names for this feature are Screen Reader, SoundBack, and Voice Assistant. It is an essential mode for visually challenged people. If you have it enabled and want to turn it off, you will configure some settings.

Quick Answer

Sometimes users can leave Blind Mode turned on on their Android phones. This can be quite distracting if the user is not visually challenged. Since this feature controls the phone without needing the user to look at it, it becomes distracting to navigate as the sensory overload increases. However, there is an easy solution! You can turn it off from the Settings menu quickly. 

In Blind Mode, users can explore elements on the screen without looking and hearing what they’re seeing. It’s an accessibility feature on Android that aims to enable differently abled people to navigate the world just like us. The great thing about this mode is that it also works with text and emoticons. 

Let’s assume you tuned on Blind Mode previously on your Android phone. Now it has become distracting and frustrating while using the phone, so we have a short guide just for you! With the help of the method below, you will be able to learn how to turn this mode off in just a matter of seconds!

How To Turn Off Blind Mode [Step-by-Step]

Bline mode can be problematic if someone has working eyes or is used to one-tap control. Follow the steps given below to turn off this feature.

Step #1: Locate the Phone Settings

Turn on your phone, and your Home screen will appear. Locate the Settings app. The Settings app has a cogs icon. It can be found on your home screen or menu items, or you can search for it via the search bar.

Step #2: Navigate to the Application Manager

After pressing the Settings icon, a list related to phone settings will appear. Scroll down and find the “Apps” option from the list. Tap once to view the Applications Manager. You’ll see a list of apps and services currently running on your Android phone.

Step #3: Find the Text-to-Speech Engine

Once you get the list, it’s pretty easy to find the Text-to-Speech Engine Google service. You can sort the list to access it more quickly. Click on it to view its Properties. It will be listed with your device manufacturer’s name if you don’t see it as a Google service. 

Step #4: Turn Off Blind Mode

From the properties option, tap on the “Disable” button. Tap it thrice to completely turn the feature off. 


And we are done here! The method described above is very simplified. You do not need to be a tech-whizz to follow this easy tutorial. Just turn off the Blind Mode on your Android phone, and don’t get distracted anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable the Android Accessibility Suite?

Yes, you can. The Android Accessibility Suite is a service for users facing visual difficulties. It is free and contains apps for blind or partially sighted users. The goal is to enable them to use Android phones easily. This package helps its users to navigate the device and software installed on the phone. You can easily disable it from your phone Settings. However, it is an essential feature for people with visual disabilities. 

How do I turn off Blind Mode on my Samsung?

Like any Android phone, Samsung also supports Blind Mode, which you can easily disable. Follow the steps given below and find out.

1. Locate the Settings app from the menu or Home screen on your phone.
2. Scroll down to find the “Accessibility” settings.
3. Tap on the “Screen Reader”.
4. Double tap to turn off the “Blind Mode”

How do I remove the “Accessibility” button?

To remove the “Accessibility” button from appearing on your phone, follow the steps given below.

1. Locate the Settings app from the menu or Home screen on your phone.
2. Scroll down to find “Accessibility” settings.
3. Find the “Accessibility Switch Access”.
4. Toggle it off.

Why is my Samsung phone speaking everything I type?

If your Samsung or any other Android phone is speaking everything you type, then you probably have enabled the voice recognition feature on your phone. You can easily disable it from the “Accessibility” option on Android phones’ Settings app

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