Why Is My iPhone So Slow on Wi-Fi? (& How To Fix It)

Iphone On Wi-Fi

Have you noticed that your iPhone is so slow when using Wi-Fi to surf the internet? Although this experience is annoying, it is even more unpleasant when you are paying for a high-speed internet plan, yet you cannot surf the internet at the speed you want. 

Quick Answer

When your iPhone’s Wi-Fi internet connection is so slow, it could be due to one of three reasons: router issues, an error on your iPhone, or poor mobile coverage. For example, when the router is poorly positioned, or you are connected to a slow network. 

It’s important to note that experiencing a slow internet connection when using Wi-Fi is not specific to any particular iOS version or iPhone model. Several reasons can slow down your iPhone’s Wi-Fi internet connection speed.

However, we will look at some reasons for slow Wi-Fi and what to do about it in this article.

What Are the Reasons My iPhone Is So Slow on Wi-Fi? 

Both internal and external factors can cause your iPhone to experience a slow internet connection on Wi-Fi. Things like your location, running many apps on your iPhone simultaneously, and even problems on your router can all influence your iPhone’s internet speed when connected to Wi-Fi. 

In the section below, we will look at five essential things that can cause your iPhone to be experiencing a slow internet connection when on Wi-Fi.

Reason #1: Poor Router Position 

You will receive poor signal strength when your iPhone is far from the router. The distance you can keep your router from your iPhone to keep receiving strong signals depends on the design and spec of the router. But a typical router can send signals within a few hundred feet. 

Here’s what to do when your router is poorly positioned.

  1. Change the position of your router. 
  2. Place the router away from large physical objects like walls, doors, etc. 
  3. Check the status bar on your iPhone to get a rough estimate of the single strength of the Wi-Fi you are connected to so you know if you are too far or close enough. 

Reason #2: Congested Wi-Fi 

Ideally, most routers allow more than one user to connect to their network wirelessly. While this is an excellent feature as it lets you take multiple gadgets online with one access point to the internet. Sadly, connecting too many devices to a single access point makes the network congested, thus reducing its internet connection speed. 

Here’s what to do when your Wi-Fi network is congested.

  1. Reduce the number of devices you connect to the router. 
  2. Buy a router that lets you connect to multiple devices without being congested. 
  3. If you use a public router, use a tool like an AirPort Utility to find a router with the least congestion. 

Reason #3: Wi-Fi Interference 

Another thing that can cause you to be experiencing a slow internet connection on your Wi-Fi is interference. Your router is susceptible to interference from other appliances such as cordless phones, wireless doorbells, microwaves, etc. Most of these home devices transmit at the 2.4 GHz band, so if your router transmits at 2.4 GHz, there is a high chance you will experience interference. But modern routers transmit at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 

Here’s what to do when there is interference in the Wi-Fi of your iPhone.

  • Switch to a 5 GHz band on your router and iPhone. 
  • Avoid using too many wireless gadgets simultaneously, especially within proximity. 
  • Turn off wireless home devices to reduce the Wi-Fi noise.
  • Change the router’s position to reduce the amount of interference you have to deal with. 

Reason #4: Wi-Fi Error on iPhone 

Sometimes, the reason you are experiencing poor internet speed on Wi-Fi can be an error on your iPhone. In such cases, you must troubleshoot your iPhone to detect and fix the problem. Several things can cause the error. 

Here’s what to do when your iPhone encounters a Wi-Fi error.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode for a few minutes, turn it off, and reconnect to the router. 
  • Restart your iPhone if the issue persists. 
  • Disconnect from a VPN if you’re connected to one.
  • Forget and reconnect the Wi-Fi of your iPhone. 
  • Reset your network settings as a last resort.

Reason #5: Poor Mobile Coverage 

While your iPhone is connected via Wi-Fi to a router, the router uses mobile data. Several things can influence the speed of the mobile data on your router. For example, some routers use 4G networks while others use 5G. The internet speed of the internet provider in that area can also influence your iPhone browsing speed.  

Here’s what to do when you are experiencing poor mobile coverage.

  • Contact your internet provider to confirm why you have a poor connection; perhaps they are performing routine maintenance. 
  • Consider restarting your router and iPhone. 
  • Check if you are low on data, as this can cause a poor connection for some service providers. 
  • As a last resort, change your mobile provider to one with coverage in your location. 
Quick Tip

Connecting your iPhone to a 5 GHz band Wi-Fi is recommended as there is less congestion and interference on that band, making it ideal for a fast internet connection.


You now know what to do if you are experiencing poor internet connection when using Wi-Fi on your iPhone. All things being equal, your iPhone Wi-Fi connection should not be poor. So, before you consider buying a new router or changing your service provided, try the tips and tricks we shared in this guide. One of the troubleshooting tricks shared in this guide should help you fix the problem. 

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