Where Is the Android SDK Folder?

Where Is The Android Sdk Folder 1

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of developments using which you can develop apps to be used on the Android platform. You need to install this tool on your computer to do advanced things like rooting your phone or updating the software. However, what happens if you can’t locate the Android SDK folder? 

If you’re into tech and writing apps, this is an issue you might have experienced at some point in time. Fortunately, you can locate this tool by following the steps detailed below and finding the exact location of the Android SDK folder. 

You’ll also be taken through some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Android SDK folder. Let’s jump ahead and get right ahead and see where you can find the SDK folder. 

Method #1: Open the Run Window

The easiest way to locate the Android SDK folder in Windows is by opening the Run window, and here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Click Windows key + R
  2. Paste %localappdata%\Android\Sdk, which is Android SDK’s default location in Windows. 
  3. Press “OK”

Doing this will immediately take you to the location of the Android SDK folder on your Windows computer. The %localappdata%\Android\Sdk used to help you find the Android SDK folder is a Windows environment variable in your user directory plotted on the Local App Data folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local).

Method #2: Use Android Studio 

Another method of locating the SDK folder is by using Android Studio. The steps you should follow to pinpoint this folder’s exact location are; 

  1. Launch Android Studio by double-clicking on its desktop icon or entering Android Studio in the Start menu. 
  2. Once Android Studio is open, tap on the “Configure” button
  3. Click on the “SDK Manager” option. 
  4. When inside the Android IDE, click on the “File” > “Settings” option, after which Android Studio will launch the Settings window.  
  5. The precise location of the Android SDK location will appear on the “Android SDK Location” field
  6. If you still don’t see the Android SDK folder, go to “Appearance & Behavior” > “System Settings” > “Android SDK” page. 
  7. Double-click on the location after locating the Android SDK location and press the Ctrl + C shortcut

After following these simple steps, you’ll locate the precise location of the SDK folder in your Android Studio. Therefore, you can manage it by updating parts of the SDK if updates are available by installing new APIs or SDK tools. 


For many, finding the precise location of the Android SDK folder might appear to be quite complicated. However, this isn’t the case, as you can easily locate the Android SDK folder regardless of where it is on your computer.

This guide has better illustrated this by taking you through the steps you need to follow to pinpoint where the Android SDK folder’s location. After this, you can proceed to use ADB commands or other Android platform tools you can find on the command line. But without knowing where the Android SDK folder is located, you can’t perform this ADB command. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Android Studio include SDK? 

Yes, Android SDK can be found integrated into Android Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) authorized by Google. 

How can you find your Android SDK Path?

The Android SDK path is C: Users<username>AppDataLocalAndroidsdk. You can find this path by opening the Android SDK manager, after which you’ll see the SDK path evidently on your status bar. Remember not to use the Program Files path when installing the Android Studio because of the space in this path. 

How can you fix Android SDK if it’s corrupted or missing? 

The steps to fix Android SDK in case it’s missing or corrupted are; 

1) Tap on “Configure”. 
2) Select “Project Defaults”.
3) Press on “Project Structure”. 
4) Set the Android SDK path that’s found here: C:\User\YourPcname\AppData\Local\SDK   
5) Apply the changes 
6) Choose SDK from the Configure option, and this will open the Android SDK manager page. 
7) You’ll see the “Install packages” option on the bottom section. 

How can you install a new SDK? 

The steps to follow to install a new Android 12 SDK within Android Studio are; 

1) Tap on “Tools” > “SDK Manager”. 
2) Choose Android 12 in the SDK Platforms tab. 
3) Go to the SDK Tools tab and choose Android SDK Build-Tools 31.
4) Press OK to initiate the installation of the SDK. 

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