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Why Is My Cash App Closed?

Cash App

Cash App is a fintech founded in 2013 that allows peer-to-peer payment online. While Cash App offers users the option to purchase products and services and send funds to family and friends, they are notoriously known for closing accounts. But why does Cash App close accounts? 

Quick Answer

There are a few reasons Cash App may close your account. If your account is associated with any suspicious activity or fraudulent transaction, Cash App reserves the right to close your account. Also, if the information you provided is inaccurate, be it your bank account or name, Cash App can block and outright close your account. 

If you violate one or more of Cash App’s terms and conditions, they reserve the right to close your account. However, in some cases, you might be able to please customer support to reopen your account. To avoid this or understand why it happened to you, we’d elaborate on some of the common reasons Cash App closes users’ accounts in this article. 

Reasons Cash App Might Close Your Account 

Cash App monitors every account for anything out of the ordinary to ensure the platform is safe for every user. If anything is out of the ordinary, Cash App could suspend your account or close it, depending on the terms of service you violate. 

Below are ten of the common reasons Cash App might block your account. 

Reason #1: Non-Payment of a Negative Balance

One of the many features of Cash App is that you can get an overdraft and borrow from it. However, if your balance goes negative, it might get your account closed. Ideally, you can’t go into a negative balance on Cash App, but people use hacks, such as using the Cash Card at a gas station where the pump terminal can’t discern the money in your account and the one in your overdraft. 

Reason #2: Government Compliance 

If the government requests that Cash App close your account, Cash App has to comply with the government. So, if there is a subpoena, court order, or other valid government order to terminate, reverse, or delay your transaction, Cash App has to comply.

So, if you ever got into trouble with the law, Cash App reserves the right to close your account per any government order. 

Reason #3: Invalid P2P Payments 

Cash App also has a strict anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering scheme that ensures no user uses the platform otherwise. Hence, if you received funds that Cash App suspect doesn’t belong to you, they can close your account and keep the money in the process. Even if you do not know who sent the money, provided the fund was in some fraud or scam, they will close your account. 

Reason #4: Age Restrictions 

To be able to use Cash App, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. Hence, when you open a Cash App account, and for one reason or another, the age you filled during registration does not tally with the age on your SSN or other details you provided, Cash App will close your account.

Note that you would be asked to verify your Cash App account if you want to invest in stocks, buy and sell bitcoin on the platform, or order a Cash Card

Reason #5: Non-U.S. Residency 

Unfortunately, to be able to use Cash App, you must be a U.S. or U.K. resident and at least 18 years of age. So, if you try to use a VPN from another country to create an account using fake details or someone else’s information, Cash App will eventually find out and close the account. Cash App keeps a log of your I.P. address, so they can tell which country you are accessing the platform from. 

Reason #6: Using a Personal Account for Business

When you want to create a Cash App account, you can create a personal or business account. If you desire, you can create a personal account and a business account at the same time and use both. However, you can’t use your personal account for your business or your business account as your personal account. Cash App can easily find and close your account if you inter-switch both accounts

Reason #7: Incorrect Phone Number or Email

If the information you provide Cash App when signing up is inaccurate, Cash App can close your account. So, when creating your account, you should be truthful and use up-to-date information. For example, when filling in your residential address, don’t use your former house address because you still have the last three months’ utility bill. You should use your updated information for everything, including your name, phone number, email, etc.

If Cash App suspects a discrepancy in the information you provided and your real credential, they can suspend or close your account. 

Reason #8: Unverified Account

Creating a Cash App account is pretty easy as all you’d be asked are common questions any fintech would ask you. You would be asked to verify your identity with a government-issued I.D., ownership of your phone number, and email address. But one thing is tied to the other, as Cash App will verify the information you provide.

If you cannot verify any details you provide, it goes against their terms of service and can lead to your account being closed. 

Reason #9: Deceiving $Cashtag 

In Cash App, $Cashtags are a unique identifier more like your username, which people can use to send you money. The $Cashtags can be anything if it contains one letter and is not longer than 20 characters.

But if your $Cashtag is misleading or used to trick people into sending money to you, Cash App can close your account for this reason. 

Reason #10: Service Error

Mistakes happen, and your account might get flagged for the wrong reason. Also, some rare cases in which your account might get closed when you did nothing wrong. In such cases, contact Cash App customer service with a complaint, and the issue might be resolved. 

Keep in Mind

Provided your funds are not seized, when your Cash App account is closed, you can still log in, link your card or bank account to your account and click on the Cash Out option.


As you can see from this article, there are several reasons Cash App might close your account. Some of their reasons for closing your account are more straightforward than others. Whatever the case, if you can avoid violating Cash App’s terms of service, you should be fine. 

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