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How To Connect Xbox One to PC With HDMI

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Since the inception of the Xbox, its console has been designed for static use. In short, it wasn’t easy to carry around, so users had to settle for playing their games on TVs. However, as the years have gone by, the Xbox developers have added features that allow gamers to connect their consoles to PCs and gaming laptops to promote accessibility and convenience. 

Quick Answer

Though there are several ways to connect a PC to an Xbox, one of the easiest is using an HDMI cable. You need to connect the HDMI output to the console and the HDMI input to the PC. There it is, you’re good to go!

In this guide, we have outlined the exact steps you should follow to connect your Xbox to a PC, how you should set it up, and answers to most questions you are bound to have. 

How To Connect Your PC to Xbox One via HDMI

If you reached this part of the guide, here’s what you’ll need to do to connect your PC to Xbox One:

Step #1: Power Off the Xbox

Turning off the Xbox One is pivotal in preventing memory loss. Before turning it off, ensure pending downloads or installs have been completed and close any running games.

Step #2: Connect the HDMI Cable

If you’re using a PC, ensure it has an HDMI input, then connect to the Xbox console. If your PC does not have an HDMI Port, purchase a USB-HDMI adapter or converter and connect it the same way as the statement above depicts. 

Step #3: Close All the Windows on Your PC

The third step is to close all the opened windows for your Xbox to work seamlessly with your PC.

Step #4: Power on the Xbox

Ensure that your Xbox powers normally. If not, switch it off and try again after a few minutes. If it powers on ok, then the Xbox should notify you that it has a secure connection to the PC. 

Step #5: Select the Proper Display

Select the correct display via the function keys and ensure the size of the screen and the resolutions are perfect before you continue. Finally, go to the main menu on the Xbox and click on “System Settings,” then configure any settings you feel are not to your liking, such as “Sound Vibrancy.”

Difference Between HDMI Input and HDMI Output

To connect a PC to an Xbox via an HDMI cable, your PC needs to have an HDMI input port. 

It’s imperative to note that an HDMI input port is different from an HDMI output port. An HDMI output port feeds the audio and visual signals while the input port receives them. For instance, when connecting your Xbox One to a PC, you connect the HDMI output to the console. After all, it sends audio and visual signals through the HDMI input to the PC because it receives the signals. 

Typically, HDMI ports on laptops are output only, and it is almost impossible to change them into an input port. If you only have one port and it is not labeled, there is a high chance it is an HDMI output port, so it will not connect to an Xbox. You can use a USB-HDMI adapter or converter, but it must be compatible with the laptop hardware. 


PCs are undoubtedly one of the most convenient electronic devices, thanks to their portable nature. The deal gets even better when you learn to connect your PC to an Xbox One. It allows you to play games from wherever you please. Hopefully, the easy steps outlined above will help you achieve your goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my Xbox One to my PC without an HDMI cable?

Yes, you can use the Windows 10 inbuilt wireless connection feature that lets you connect game consoles to a PC.

Will the gaming experience be the same on a PC as on a TV?

It depends on the type of PC you are working with. If it has a high resolution with a powerful dedicated graphics card, you will not see much difference between it and a TV. But often, monitors are better for gaming because they have faster refresh rates and are optimized for gaming performance.

Can I connect any laptop to my Xbox One?

No, not all laptops can connect to Xbox One. For a laptop to connect to Xbox One, it must have an HDMI input. If your laptop has an HDMI input, enter the HDMI output into the Xbox One and the HDMI input into your laptop. The issue with most laptops is that they only have an HDMI output and lack an HDMI input.

Is it possible to convert an HDMI input port into an HDMI output port?

No, you can’t. This is mainly because the internal circuitry is designed differently, making it extremely difficult to change unless you want to redesign the internal hardware.

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