Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop?

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It can be so frustrating to get a new HP laptop and not be able to turn it on. You can turn on your laptop by simply opening the lid if it’s in sleep mode. However, the primary method to turn it on if it’s powered down is pressing the power button. But where is this button?

Quick Answer

The location of the power button on HP laptops may vary slightly depending on the model. Some laptops have the button on the sides. Others have it on the top-left section above the keyboard, while others have it on the back. 

Being able to locate the power button on your HP laptop is important. We’ll answer this question comprehensively below. Keep reading to learn how to turn on your laptop like a pro. 

Which Is the Power Button Symbol on HP Laptops?

The power button symbol is standard on all laptops – not just HP laptops. It’s the “Standby Symbol,” as the International Electrical Commission (IEC) defines it. As explained in the “IEC 60417 — Graphical Symbols for Use on Equipment,” the symbol combines a vertical line and a circle. The line represents “ON” and the circle “OFF.” Also, this symbol is similar to the binary numbers “1” and “0,” which represent “ON” and “OFF.”

Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop

Laptops have undergone many changes in their designs and overall appearance over the past few decades. HP laptops aren’t different. One of the recent design trends is to mask or hide the power button. 

The power button is usually found under the lid of modern HP laptops. You have to open the laptop to access the power button and press it to turn the machine on. 

  • Older laptop models may have their power buttons along the sides: right, left, front, or back. 
  • The power button on your HP laptop is a tiny push button. You may not feel any bump or click when you press the button. It just goes in with your finger, and the laptop should obey the command and open. 
  • You should find the power button above the keyboard on your HP laptop, on the right or left side. 
  • The button can also be located on the far-right or far-left on the top row on the keyboard. For example, the power button of the HP Envy 17-CE1010NT is found in the upper-left corner, just above the ESC key on the keyboard. 
  • The button is often a narrow rectangle, approximately 0.5-inch long. It lights when pressed.
  • You may also find the power button on the right or left edge. 
  • If you require help finding the power button on your HP laptop, refer to the manual or check for documentation on the HP Support Website
Important Note

Place a red sticker dot near or by the button’s location if it’s easy to overlook. After a few days, you’ll see that it’s easy to find the button after opening the lid. 


HP is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world. Their laptops are famous for their durability and affordability. We’ve learned that the only actual method to turn on an HP laptop is pressing the power button. 

This button may be located in different locations depending on the HP model. For most modern laptops, you’ll find the button on the top left corner just above the ESC key on the keyboard. 

Older HP laptops models may have their power buttons along the sides: left, right, front, or back. The power button is a narrow rectangle approximately 1/2 inch long with the standard power button symbol as defined by the IEC.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn on a laptop using the keyboard?

Yes, most computers come with an option to turn on using the keyboard. However, the option is probably disabled by default, and you must enable it in the system BIOS. 

What should I do if nothing happens when I press the power button on my laptop?

The battery may be too weak to power the computer on. Allow it to recharge for a few hours. Unplug the machine from the power adapter and turn it on. If the problem persists, your battery may need replacement, or you may have a faulty power adapter. 

Can I use my HP laptop without a battery?

Yes. Indeed, you should remove the battery if it’s fully charged and you’re connecting the laptop to a power outlet throughout. 

What happens if my HP laptop’s battery dies?

Your laptop will remain on as long as the charger (power adapter) is working and connected to a power outlet. A dead battery won’t draw in current or cause any threat to your machine. However, you should remove the dead battery to reduce the chances of overheating issues. 

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