How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

Finding Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring It

Are you looking to buy a new cover for your laptop or a new laptop protector? Then you’re probably wondering what the screen size of your laptop is. If you are looking for a way to determine your laptop screen size without holding out a measuring ruler, today is your day.

Quick Answer

To find out about the screen size of your laptop, you need to make use of the available tools on the computer provided by your manufacturer. Some of the available tools are your laptop’s model number, and the labels attached to the back of your computer. Also, there are usual manuals available that contain many details about your laptop.

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Factors to Consider for Measuring Laptop Screen Size

Before we get into the details of finding out your laptop screen size without measuring, there are a few factors that need to be considered. When it comes to measuring laptop screens, several different parameters are used, like the following:

  • Body of your laptop screen
  • Pixels
  • Per square inch

Which parameter you have to use varies depending on your requirement. Note that when it comes to determining screen size, the plastic outline is not to be considered. You only have to measure the screen area.

Finding Out Laptop Screen Size Without Measurement 

Finding out the size of your laptop’s screen is not as complicated as it sounds. We have gathered a list of ways you can opt to figure out the size of your laptop’s display without measuring it.

Here is a list of the best options that you may consider:

Option #1: Find Out the Model Number of your Laptop

Your laptop’s model number can provide some important details about the laptop and its screen size. Every laptop has its distinctive model number. For instance, HP laptops with model number 14-dq1xxx signify a screen of size 14 inches.

In most cases, the model number begins with a few letters followed by numbers that specify the size of the laptop’s screen. 

Option #2: Find Out Your Laptop’s Model Specifications 

Another simple way of figuring out your laptop screen size is by using its model specifications. 

You can find these specifications mentioned on the casing you bought. They will also be available in the manual that came along with the laptop. Finally, you can check the cover at the lowest part of your laptop to view it. 

Model specifications will directly tell you the model number, if not the screen size. 

Option #3: Search for Your Laptop Online 

We have already outlined the different ways of finding out a laptop’s model number. Once you have this information, simply search online! Type in the name of your laptop’s company and model number on Google. You can also go on your laptop company’s official website or the store you purchased your laptop from. All the specifications will be mentioned on the website, including the screen size of your laptop and other important information. 

Option #4: Check the User Manual of Your Laptop 

The user manual contains complete details about your laptop. The correct size of your screen will be present under the heading of screen specifications

Option #5: Check the Backside of Your Laptop 

Generally, there are labels attached on the backside of the laptop, which contain all the relevant information, including the size of the screen with other features. So turn your laptop around and find out. 

Also, some laptops have the display size written on the top right corner so that you can check that out too.

The Bottom Line

Figuring out the dimensions of a laptop’s screen without measuring it is relatively easy. This guide contains all the easy and quick ways to help you find the screen size of your laptop. We hope you will find it useful the next time someone asks for your laptop’s screen size.

If you have any other methods or suggestions to add, please share them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to accurately measure the size of my laptop’s screen?

One way to know the size is by using a measuring tape. Place the tip of the measuring tape on the top left corner of your screen and then extend it to the right corner on the bottom. You can also see the specification of your device, which you can easily find online or on the setting panel of your laptop. 

What display size do laptops usually have? 

There is a range of sizes, depending upon the model and company of the laptop. Usually, the range fluctuates between fifteen to seventeen inches for regular-sized laptops, and for mini laptops, it ranges between eleven to fourteen inches. 

How to find out the size of the computer filter for your laptop’s screen?

If you are thinking of adding a computer filter to your screen, you need to know the accurate size of the visual display of your laptop. To find that out, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Use a tape measure diagonally from one corner to another.
2. Include only the visible frame area.
3. Exclude the frame surrounding the screen.

Screen resolution VS screen size – What is the difference?

Screen resolution and screen size are entirely different. Screen resolution indicates the number of pixels displayed at every point of the display device. In contrast, the size of the screen tells us about the actual proportions of the screen presented in inches.

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