How To Open EPUB Files on Android

How To Open Epub Files On Android 1

Do you enjoy reading eBooks? If yes, you must have experienced the issue of not being to access EPUB files on your Android device. And with EPUB files, the most common way to read your digital books, this can be quite annoying because you first need to convert them into PDF format. This is the last thing you want, as it ruins your eBook reading experience. 

Quick Answer

Electronic Publication (EPUB) files are popular because they’re free from Digital Right Management (DRM) limitations. However, they aren’t supported on most Android devices. Luckily, there are different ways you can still open these EPUB files on your Android device, including Aldiko Book Reader, Google Play Books, and FullReader.

This article will take a detailed look at how to open EPUB files on your Android device. This way, you can start having fun enjoying digital books a lot more effortlessly and conveniently.

Method #1: Using Google Play Books

The simplest and best way to open EPUB files using your Android device is by using an app offered by Google, which is known as Google Play Books. This app operates like Google Music but is designed precisely for reading eBooks. 

Using the Google Play Books app, it’s possible to upload all eBooks using your Google Play account. You can consequently proceed to read the uploaded eBooks from your Android device. As a result, this saves you the hassle of transferring all your eBooks from your computer to your Android device.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device. 
  2. Enter “Google Play Books” on the search bar. 
  3. Tap on “Install” and click “Accept” to start the download of this app on your Android gadget. 
  4. Open the Google Play Books app. 
  5. Click on the menu icon, three horizontal bars in the upper left corner. 
  6. Head to “Settings”
  7. Tap on “Enable PDF Uploading” to allow uploading both PDF and EPUB files. 
  8. Open the EPUB file by tapping on it. 
Quick Tip

If there’s already a PDF or EPUB file on your Android device, proceed and tap on it, and doing this will automatically open the Google Play Books app. Alternatively, you can access and send such a file to your Android gadget.

Method #2: Using Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is another app you can use to open EPUB files on your Android gadget. It was among the most popular apps for opening eBooks before the launch of Google Play Books. You can use the Aldiko Book Reader app to open books that come in various formats. But when using it to open EPUB files, here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Download and install the Aldiko Book Reader on your Android device. 
  2. Copy the saved EPUB files on your Android device to the eBooks/Import folder. The folder should be generated automatically after installing the Aldiko Book Reader app. If you don’t see the folder, create it manually. 
  3. Launch the Aldiko Book Reader app on your Android gadget. 
  4. Click on the Menu key and tap the “Import” button on the “Import Books” popup window. 
  5. Click “OK” in the “Confirm Import” popup, and every file in the eBooks/Import directory will be uploaded. Consequently, an “Import Completed” will show on your Android device’s screen. 
  6. Tap the “Library” tab, and the imported books appear on the “Book Shelf”
  7. Click on the eBook you wish to read to open it using the Aldiko Book Reader app. Use the control bar on the bottom to edit details such as brightness, margins, and orientation. 

Method #3: Using FullReader

Another technique for opening EPUB files on your Android device is the FullReader app; here are the steps to follow. 

  1. Download and install the FullReader app on your Android gadget. 
  2. Open the app and click the side menu to access the “Scanning” option and look for eBooks and look for eBooks on your Android gadget. 
  3. The FullReader app will scan for every format, but you can set it to only search for EPUB files. 
  4. Once FullReader finishes scanning your Android device, click on the scanned file. After doing this, you can now open the EPUB file. 


EBooks are the perfect pick for you if you’re a book lover but aren’t willing to go the extra mile and buy books. However, opening most eBooks in EPUB format is often not supported on most Android devices. As a result, you’re forced to read books in PDF format, making reading less enjoyable and quite a hassle. 

But after reading this insightful post, you’re now well familiar with the different ways you can open EPUB files on your Android device. With the insights highlighted, you now better understand the steps to follow when opening EPUB files on your Android device in various ways. Therefore, you can start reading your treasured eBook. 

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