How Much Does a Smartphone Weigh?


Mobile phones are supposed to be easy to carry and lightweight. Looking at recent mobile phones, most of them usually weigh from 130 grams to 200 grams.

Over the years, manufacturers have created smartphones that give us no problems, equipped with robust sensors and quality screens that can fit into our pockets. Many factors, like metal, glass, battery, etc., contribute to the weight of a phone. Smartphones have specific components that make their features differ from regular phones. But how much does a smartphone weigh?

Quick Answer

A lot of things contribute to the weight of a smartphone. Smartphones’ weight generally differs, but their weight depends on the model and the smartphone’s features. But for most people, 140 grams to 170 grams is the ideal weight of a smartphone.

The weight of a phone doesn’t mean the features would be better than a lighter one. But most heavy models of phones have better productivity than lighter ones. For example, iPhone 7 Plus weighs 188 grams compared to a higher model iPhone 11 Pro Max, which also weighs 188 grams.

This article will enlighten you on what the weight of a smartphone is, so just make sure you read through it till the end. 

What Is the Ideal Weight of a Mobile Phone?

There are so many things that add to the weight of a phone. The hardware, casing, and battery add to the phone’s weight. However, the ideal phone weight for most people is around 140-170 grams. Most of us think the less our smartphone weighs, the more fragile it is. And most times, we also believe the heavier a smartphone is, the less productive it can be, which is not true. 

With the advancement in technology, manufacturers have been able to cut down on the weight of smartphones. The components and sizes of each element (battery, screen, and so on) determine the weight of the smartphone. For instance, a mobile that weighs as light as the Xiaomi Mi 5 (129 grams) feels comfortable and light in the pocket. 

Why Is the Weight of Smartphones Increasing?

Just like we established earlier, there have been some reasons why the weight of smartphones has been increasing for some time now. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Through the years, screen sizes have increased, resulting in bigger smartphones.
  • Glass and metal are heavy and are used predominantly in manufacturing smartphones.
  • Smartphone batteries have increased in size and capacity, making smartphones heavier. 

What Is the Average Weight of a Heavy Smartphone?

Manufacturers are constantly in competition to produce the best smartphones. In the market currently, most heavy-weight smartphones are not heavier than 160 grams. However, some models still reach the high mark of around 200 grams or even more.

An example of a heavy smartphone is Huawei P8 Max. Though the Huawei P8 Max was announced with the Huawei P8 at the same time, the Huawei P8 Max is 228 grams, one of the heaviest phones. Although the Huawei P8 Max is under 7mm thin, the phone is so heavy because of its large 6.8-inch 1080 display and a battery of 4360 mAh inside a metal-made body

Key Takeaway

The size and weight of each component are the significant factors that make the smartphone heavy. The average weight is around 140 grams to 170 grams, but it increases to as much as 200 grams in some cases.


We have to agree that the bigger the size of a phone screen and the size of the battery, the heavier the smartphone will be. As we discussed above, A smartphone weighs between 140 and 170 grams. Though there are exceptions, most smartphones fall into this range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 200-gram phone too heavy?

A lot of phones weigh 200 grams, and some examples are Xperia Sony XZ Premium, Galaxy Note 8, and iPhone 8+, among others. They offer enticing features and are top-rated phones, but many people see them as not heavy. Phones with a lesser weight lower than 170 grams are preferred by many. The Xiaomi Mi A1, Galaxy S8+, iPhone X, and many more are examples of lightweight smartphones.

What is the average weight of an iPhone?

The average weight of an iPhone is 189 grams. The lightest iPhone weighs 138 grams, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the heaviest, weighs 240 grams

Why is the iPhone 13 so heavy?

All iPhone 12 models are not as heavy as iPhone 13 models, maybe due to the increase in thickness and larger batteries inside. All the iPhone 12 models had a thickness of 7.4 mm or more, but iPhone 13 models are thicker with a 7.65 mm thickness

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